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  1. Gern Blansten

    RIP Mr. Hockey

    Gordie Howe passed today at the age of 88. Quite a mark he left on the game of hockey. Fair winds!
  2. Gern Blansten

    Uh-Oh, QdO fans!

    It would appear that the Imperiales is toast.   :0      Good smoke.  Sad to see it go.   Release the hounds on current, existing stock!!!
  3. Gern Blansten


    Always lots of good food on display here which means good cooks.  There are SOOO many ways to prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving.  How are you fixing the bird this year?   I have a andouille/cornbread stuffing that goes into the bird, rub a sage butter compound under the skin, wrap it in 3lbs of...
  4. Gern Blansten

    Trigger locks

    Now that my kid is mobile, it is time to secure the very few firearms in the house. Since it seems there are many gun enthusiasts with a ton of experience here, I figure I'd tap into that knowledge base. I am curious about your thoughts on trigger locks. Do you have a favorite brand, model or...
  5. Gern Blansten

    Now, thats a sandwich!

    "Ultimate sandwich?" I don't know about that, but it looks pretty tasty. Pretty sure it wouldn't be horrible. Teaser: it has three ribeye steaks in it. Recipe with picutres here: