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  1. thinde

    Happy Thanksgiving CigarPass

    I hope all of you had a happy and safe thanksgiving.
  2. thinde

    Ok, valid question here.......

    Don’t know how I missed this thread! My wife/event coordinator and general homemaker plays with decorations per season throughout the year but we both agree; the fresh cut tree and all of the items that accompany it goes up two weeks before 12/25 and comes down no later than one week after...
  3. thinde

    Never Dropped His Cigar

    Great story!!
  4. thinde

    Happy birthday Diesel Grinch

    Happy birthday.
  5. thinde

    Wtf CBoukal

    Well done.
  6. thinde

    What's on your plate today?

    When you start with olive oil, garlic, anchovies and red pepper flakes how can it go bad. Add a can of white beans with the juice and simmer it. Cook a half pound bowtie pasta and drain it then add 2 pounds of spinich to the pasta and let it wilt. Drizzle it all with fresh squee’d lemmon juice.
  7. thinde

    CigSid’s great Kreskin imitation...

    I say let him know as he goes and for what it’s worth I have terminated a great number of El Principe and from sight only I don’t think this it it.
  8. thinde

    What pets do you have?

    All dogs think their a lap dog, no matter what we say or think......
  9. thinde

    What's on your plate today?

    That looks frigging awesome!
  10. thinde

    Secret Santa 2020 Sign Up

    I'm in.......thank you princess!
  11. thinde

    Happy birthday Jayro75

    Happy birthday!
  12. thinde

    Happy birthday JHolmes763

    Happy birthday John, hope all is well.
  13. thinde

    Thought’s Dad Joke Thread

    I repeat this because one like is not enough!
  14. thinde

    What's on your plate today?

    Its always great to see a child pick up on their parents good habits! I’ve said it previously; my wife is the best cook I’ve ever met and now my daughter is a close second only because of her mother. Hopefully your daughter will also continue to cook with ambition!
  15. thinde

    A day late and a trivia question short

    Glad you’re here Ray, keep being the fogger you are!
  16. thinde

    Happy Thread

    Wow! I think my garage has ever been that clean, nice job!
  17. thinde

    RIP Alex Trebek

    My children are 32 and 26 and they both used to run to the tv when they heard the theme music come on. For some reason it mesmerized them. Ken Jennings is a good fit for the next host of Jeopardy but Alex will be who I think of when I hear the music. God speed Mr. Trebek, you will be missed.
  18. thinde

    Happy birthday Stogieman !

    Happy birthday to the true king of herf's!
  19. thinde

    Happy birthday Smokin’Sims !

    Happy birthday!