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    I guess you can make this sh#@ up
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    They changed the rules again! Cigar cutters are no longer allowed in carry-on.
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    RIP Smokyballs

    Sarah Oldham is feeling heartbroken. 28 mins · Excelsior Springs, MO · It has been a rough couple of days for the family. We lost Brad early this morning, after battling stupid cancer for the almost 3 years. We fought hard . We gave it our best. But it beat us. I have lost my best friend, my...
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    RIP Avo I will miss the birthday releases. Thanks for some of the greats.
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    Pucker up... PSA

    Ladies and gents, I just had my 4th colonoscopy yesterday. They found and removed a small polyp. Six years ago, I had a resection because they were unable to remove a polyp. I just became "old enough" to be eligible for preventive screening this year. Seven years ago, my father had his first...
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    Well it's been another year...

    I still miss him and I still feel the hole he left in my life. I still wonder if he knew how many of us would have been on a plane the next day if he had only reached out.
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    He won!

    Happy Birthday Anthony
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    Happy Birthday JHawk

    You already got the best present, now enjoy a much more relaxed year.
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    Happy birthday Tom

    Hope you have a relaxing Saturday cuddled up with your herd of miniature dogs.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

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    Thank You gentlemen (and ladies?)

    To those of you who have given your time, your blood and your loyalty to this country, I and this nation thank you.
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    Happy Birthday Charlie

    Have a great day
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    Oke and Sims just got older

    25 hours of birthday fun for you!
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    Happy birthday old fella

    Hope it is a wonderful day full of family and friends.
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    Happy Birthday

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    Gary, the little one, is having a birthday

    Make it a good one
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    Happy Birthday MU Mike

    If only you had something good to smoke...
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    Happy birthday Trey

    First as a civilian in how long?