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  1. mmburtch

    How has COVID-19 impacted you?

    Thanks Breedy. Stay safe. At least you don't have to worry so much about the 2am ammeture drivers competition. 🤞
  2. mmburtch

    How has COVID-19 impacted you?

    I fear Ms. Cizlak has nothing to worry about. I mean her being a firm proponent of spousal distancing.
  3. mmburtch

    How has COVID-19 impacted you?

    Shit! You picked a bad week to start licking doorknobs.
  4. mmburtch

    How has COVID-19 impacted you?

    I run a coffee shop. I've had a few preppers loading up on beans, but mostly just dwindling numbers My kids schools are closed for the next three weeks. They are old enough to stay home, but a lot of families are going to use all of their PTO because their's can't. My wife works for the...
  5. mmburtch

    Merry Christmas

    Right back at you John. A merry Christmas to all.
  6. mmburtch


    Good, now you can reopen the meth lab
  7. mmburtch

    Happy birthday Devil Doc

    Is it really your birthday or are you trying to hone in on @jfields ? Happy birthday corpsman
  8. mmburtch

    Happy bday jfields

    You should consider changing it. Just to be polite.
  9. mmburtch

    Secret Santa 2019 - Who can help?

    I nominate Jonesy . As a cowboys fan he has the patience of Job.
  10. mmburtch


  11. mmburtch

    Any graphics artists here?

    I occasionally rearrange the bodies to make the content more graphic. There's some artistry in that.
  12. mmburtch

    It pays the bills..

    I thought you were a makeup and skin care model, or is that just foreplay? Don't hate me BF
  13. mmburtch

    It pays the bills..

    That's how I got your latte so foamy.
  14. mmburtch

    It pays the bills..

    Got fired by my wife after 13 years as a stay at home dad. I was able to take ten years of home roasting and parlay it into a micro-roastery coffee shop, where I serve as head roaster, lead barista, janitor and still don't get paid. It's tough being arm candy, but somebody has to do it.
  15. mmburtch

    Happy Birthday, CMontoya!

    Happy Bday Ceaser
  16. mmburtch

    Going to court

    Were you in a vehicle or just a Nene crossing the road?
  17. mmburtch


    Seems like a waste of a perfectly good meth lab.
  18. mmburtch

    What coffee did you drink today?

    They're still trying to get the smell of Missouri out of Rocky Mountain National Park.
  19. mmburtch

    How long will this Pass take Pass!

    If it comes to me, I will remove the humidity device and send it to Phoenix.