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    What beer did you drink today?

    Gulden Draak Ale!!! :D
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    Any thoughts on the Holy Lance maduro

    I enjoyed both Holy Lances but the maduro was more my palate!
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    Those who love Mag46 also really enjoy....

    I really enjoy smoking the PSD4. I have not have one for quite awhile now but when I could get my hands on cubans I loved to smoke these.
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    Tatuaje RC 233

    Great review! I have always been a fan of the TAT RC's. Full of power, I have smoked these watching sporting events do to the time it takes to smoke one of the 233's
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    Get 5 Tatuaje Le Verite 2008 for the price of 3!

    Yes, I do work For Outlaw Cigar. This is the retail section and I only post Outlaw related deals here! The rest of my posts are for my personal knowledge in cigars. Thank you,
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    Viaje vs. Tatuaje

    I really like the Tats better, I got a chance to talk to Pete Johnson at an event, I could tell very quickly that he thought Viaje was trying to copy his look and brand image. This should't change a persons view over the cigar. If theirs any truth to it though thats just wrong!
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    Get 5 Tatuaje Le Verite 2008 for the price of 3!

    Your Choice: Churchill Size $66 plus $7 shipping Or: Robusto Size $52.50 plus $7 shipping While Supplies Last Call (913)-814-9000 or (816)-505-2442 Outlaw Cigar Don't miss your chance to stock up on the single farm vintage!
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    My Father Limited Edition 2010

    I agree that it's not really worth the $20 price tag but the idea was good. I have smoked a couple and would pay at most $15
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    Smoked a Davidoff Maduro, great flavor for a medium.

    Smoked a Davidoff Maduro, great flavor for a medium.
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    Andy from XIKAR

    Welcome, I do have a question about getting other Hutch made cutters? Can you order the scrim skull from you guys or do you have to get it from Hutch's site?
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    cognac suggestions

    If your just getting into it Heny VSOP is great but when you get above that try Heny Private Reserve! Well worth the cost.
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    Looking to try something new

    If you like a Full smoke then try Drew Estate Liga Privada T52, This is a blend that started as a private label for Steve Saka their VP and as now become a very very good and complex full body smoke.
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    Rocky Patel "Outlaw" Kansas City Dec. 3-4

    Outlaw Cigar will be hosting Rocky Patel on Dec 3-4. In conjunction with the party they will be releasing the 2011 Party Girl calendar! Make sure and make it out to this kick ass party and get your FREE calendar. I can’t wait to meet Rocky and of course all the girls! Kendall always throws a...
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    Opus X 22 CFCF Fun Box 2005 to 2013 Reviews!

    Your review was very informative and concise , I have smoked this set and found it to be one of the best purchases I ever made. Thank you!
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    What's Your Latest Purchase

    I have been buying up what we have of Dirty Rats, I'm really liking the Liga Line.