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  1. ilikefishes

    Herf in Colorado

    Hello everyone, We are planning a herf for the 15th of December somewhere in the Denver Metro area. Let or Steve know if you are interested and we will include you when details become clearer. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Kendall
  2. ilikefishes

    Guess the mileage

    Good afternoon everyone, I have a fun little contest for you all. I purchased a brand new car for the first time in my life on 2/22/2005. It only had 49 miles on it. I am still driving that same car, a Honda Pilot, and it is about to turn 295,000 miles tomorrow. Guess the date and time that...
  3. ilikefishes

    Trying to decide on a new vehicle and need help/input please

    I have to replace a 15 year old Expedition and want to get a really nice car this time.  I am trying to decide between the Audi Q7 Diesel, the BMW xDrive35d, and the Mercedes ML400.  All are the 2015 models and all will have Cold Weather packages, Lane assist technology and such.  What I am...
  4. ilikefishes

    Mr. Moreno had passed

    The man behind My Cuban Wheel has passed. This is a very sad day and I hope they carry on his work. Thoughts and prayers sent to his family.
  5. ilikefishes

    Sittin' here minding my own business

    I was just going about my life here lately.  Been going through some rough times mentally and trying to figure some things out.  Had a really good day today and get home to take my daughter to her standing appointment.  Before I went and I got the mail and BOOOOM!.  CigSid you are truly on a...
  6. ilikefishes

    Can I use DI (De-Ionized) water instead of Distilled

    So I have a DI unit that I am showing to customers for cleaning external windows up to 70'.  This unit is really cool and it filters regular tap water to make it De-Ionized.  My question is can I run a bunch through the filters and capture it in bottles and use this instead of distilled water...
  7. ilikefishes

    Ultimate Football Pool

    It is that time of the year again and I need to start the football pool for the playoffs.  As it was last year, it is $75.00 and this gets you into ten (10) NCAA bowl games including the BCS Championship.  It then moves onto the the NFL Playoffs and pays out for quarterly for the first eleven...
  8. ilikefishes

    Happy birthday Jamie-ashauler

    Hope it is a really good one.  :thumbs:
  9. ilikefishes

    2 years sure do go by fast

    Ladies and Gents, Just a short 2 years ago today I joined this fine board.  It has been very interesting and fulfilling to say the least.  I wanted to thank you all for your patience and understanding.  I am planning on having a contest, but needed to try and think of one that everyone can...
  10. ilikefishes

    Happy birthday ggiese

    George, Happy birthday buddy.  Hope it is a good one. :thumbs:
  11. ilikefishes

    IPCPR get together

    Who all is going to be at the show in Vegas?  Is there any chance to get together for a smoke with everyone, or are the schedules too tight? Let's try and do something.
  12. ilikefishes

    Now let's talk balls, golf balls that is

    What ball do you all play?  I play the Taylor Made Lethal. Best and most durable players ball I have found. YYMV  
  13. ilikefishes

    With all the Golf talk, let's talk practice

    Hey everyone, just wanted to kind of see what you all do to practice to make yourselves better.  I am a firm believer in practicing perfectly and then taking that to the course, as the legendary Vince Lombardi once said.  So I plan out a practice routine and stick to that plan religiously.  It...
  14. ilikefishes

    How I spent my weekend

    Gentlemen, This is how I spent last weekend. This is one of the times of the year when I love to get in the river. There are usually no other idiots out there and I have a firm belief that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment. A couple short but sweet videos for you all...
  15. ilikefishes

    Who is your MVP candidate?

    Well, with the season being half way over, who do you all think is the MVP this year. I know there is still a ton of football to be played, buy if you had to vote now who would you give it to. I figure this will take some of the stress out of the other events tomorrow. I see a guy like Lynch...
  16. ilikefishes

    Ultimate Football Pool

    Ladies and Gents, Every year for the past 15 or so years, I have run a football pool for the playoffs. This started out as just a Super Bowl Pool, but has grown into a monster of a pool. I give you the Ultimate Football Pool. Last year 36 people won their money back. There were 60 people...
  17. ilikefishes

    One Year Anny contest

    Tomorrow, July 22nd is my anniversary on this great site. I am very pleased to be a part of such a great band of brothers and sisters. So I am having a contest in the spirit of the community. This is open to all people that have been on the site at least 4 months and been active. No Asshats...
  18. ilikefishes

    Went on an epic journey this week

    So I was in Pagosa Springs Colorado with my family and in-laws this last week. On Thursday I was to go fishing with my BIL. He is a tremendous fisherman and a great outdoorsman. I don't know how many of you know that I had my deck collapse out from under me back in June of '09 and fell 15...
  19. ilikefishes

    What do you guys use to maintain inventory

    I found an app on the market that is called CigarGeek. It works really well and is pretty easy to use. I have five humidors, so I wanted to start to kind of watch what I am smoking and how often. My question is what you guys use to do this? I am also really interested in any sort of beer...
  20. ilikefishes

    Found this article very cool I love all the options that keep popping up. I really want to try that Jai Alai IPA.