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  1. Pugman1943

    Liquor Acquisitions 2021

    Oh, I think you are in the right place to cause a significant event and we will supply the significant smokes. Who's coming with me so I stay out of trouble.
  2. Pugman1943

    Happy Thread

    Yep, I screwed up again. I forgot to see if it was trained in a litter box.
  3. Pugman1943

    Buy Bitcoin

    I agree with Juan. At least I can see cigar smoke. The basic concept is unique but boarders on the tooth fairy ( I still believe in SS ).
  4. Pugman1943

    Today's Smoke 2021

    To @TexasTraveler: way back when a gent named Yogi Berra became famous for one saying," it ain't over till it's over." My two cents, all I do want to see is Buffalo play their "A". Mahomes is officially out with a concussion, but I was impressed with his sub. Who wins? Lady Luck will...
  5. Pugman1943

    Today's Smoke 2021

    It is so nice to be welcomed and loved.
  6. Pugman1943

    Does anyone practice Intermittent Fasting?

    Oh, sorry, wrong place. Thought we were getting into intermittent sex?
  7. Pugman1943

    Thought’s Dad Joke Thread

    This is dedicated to Tall Paul.
  8. Pugman1943

    Today's Smoke 2021

    I wasn't able to smoke for four months, rummage through the box and find the last OSO bear, great smoke... but there is none to be found to buy. Anyone have a secret source? Thanks.
  9. Pugman1943

    Happy Thread

    Hey, I'm being proactive and a day early in respect to MLK. Any body here happen to have a Terv. Pooch? Sorry Enzo, your coat is too short.
  10. Pugman1943

    Hot Danm Buffalo Bills

    You had to see one play, just one. Ravens on the 9yd line, Jackson pulls back to pass, many openings, flicks the ball. NO, intercepted by Buffalo but he has two men for cover. Balls to the wall up the field, safety takes out one bird and the second Bill was like an angel and kept the Raves at...
  11. Pugman1943

    Happy Thread

  12. Pugman1943

    Thought’s Dad Joke Thread

    you guys tell me.
  13. Pugman1943

    COVID 19

    Covid note: at 77 and having just gone through serious medical shit, I was against getting the shot. I don't like a five month miracle. Had my quarterly doctor meeting today. I trust him like I trust you brothers, he is as asking CigSid about ISOM's good. When I asked the bullet question he...
  14. Pugman1943

    Unexpected & Unexplained

    +1 for Nick, thankfully he had Enzo to help him and Liz as counselor.
  15. Pugman1943

    Illusione Singulare Phantom 6x50

    Nick said all that needs to be said, so I guess I'll quit looking.👀
  16. Pugman1943

    Today's Smoke 2021

    Oliva V Churchill Melanio from a brother at my B/M, from the 2021 TAA bag. Seems smoother than I remember which is good considering the wind is 20mph out of the north ( but dis pug ain't crazy, found an alcove to hide in ).
  17. Pugman1943

    Happy birthday Satchmo!

    Happy Birthday brother, come blow dat horn.
  18. Pugman1943

    And we're done........

    BF, don't know how you have the patience to do this, but you do a hell of a job and I ( we ) thank you for putting up with the shit.
  19. Pugman1943

    Partagas Maduro

    Pugs like scratches, and while I wish it was me, it wasn't.
  20. Pugman1943

    Happy Thread

    I can relate and believe they think like us. Miss our dogs big time.