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  1. Gonz

    Why are my pictures always sideways?

    Everytime I post a picture it loads up and displays rotated 90 degrees. I took the photo the correct orientation, it shows up on my computer in its folder in the correct orientation, but when I post it, it's sideways. Grrrr...
  2. Gonz

    Reykjavik, Paris & Venice Suggestions

    Heading to all three places in April with the kids for their spring break, good times! Any suggestions on "must visit" shops while I'm there? I've read up on a few of the Paris shops, seems like they're hit or miss and like all things internet I've seen great reviews and awful reviews.
  3. Gonz

    What's in your "go" bag?

    You're in a panic, a friend from CP just texted, he's in town and wants to meet for a smoke right now. Do you keep a small travel humi ready to roll at all times? What's in it? Let's hear what you'd have on hand and ready to go in an "emergency"!!
  4. Gonz

    Car Audio Forums?

    Anyone into car audio and can suggest a good forum for me? I'm sure there's plenty out there, but just like how we found CP (because it's the best), can anyone point me towards their preference when it comes to general car audio (and installation) forums? I'm about to embark on another install...
  5. Gonz

    Taking on a new project!

    I'm sure there's some enthusiasts in the crowd here, check out this sweet father/son project I'll be starting! A '98 BMW M3! A great reason to get out to the garage for a cigar. My oldest will get his license in one year, a family friend was selling this car and willing to give us a good deal...
  6. Gonz


    Lefse is a wonderful Scandinavian treat, a great addition to Thanksgiving or Holiday meals, and a fun tradition for many folks out here in MN. Like many cultural traditions, it is struggling to get passed on to younger generations, I'm proud to have learned to make it, hopefully as good as the...
  7. Gonz

    Preferred Sazerac spirits

    I've recently fallen for this drink, anytime I'm at a finer establishment where I know they're respect it I'll generally order one. What's everyone's thoughts on the ideal spirits for making one, do you have brand preferences?
  8. Gonz

    Are cigars frowned upon at Little League practice?

    I make my baseball coaching debut tonight with my youngest son's team, they're 8 and 9 year olds.  This could be my big chance to be that guy all of us fondly remember, the salty old coach chewing on a cigar while barking out orders!   Probably some rule about the fields being "tobacco free".  ...
  9. Gonz

    H Upmann Magnum 50 EL 2005

    Stop reading right now if you're faint of heart and/or can't stand the sight of an accident.   OK, for those still with us, I present my review of an absolute disaster of epic proportions.  It's a long story, but the bottom line is valuable lesson was learned by all parties involved.  ...
  10. Gonz

    Middle of the road humidor

    I have an end table cabinet humidor from, I really don't care for it, have been disappointed with it since I rec'd it forever ago, and it doesn't hold a stable RH for shit.   Everyone recommends getting a nice furniture quality piece from Staebell, and I agree his units sure do...
  11. Gonz

    Lounges in Tokyo

    I'm heading to Tokyo (and Kyoto) next week and am looking for recommendations on a lounge or two.  Naturally I checked The Google and came up with quite a few recommendations from the cigar gurus at Tripadvisor :rolleyes:  so I'm hoping a few of you may have some more insight into my best bet.  ...
  12. Gonz

    Cigar theft by a neighborhood kid

    With the vast wealth of knowledge, wisdom and viewpoints I thought this would be a good place to get some perspective and calm my initial gut reaction.   My son came to me last night to let me know that the next door neighbor kid told him that another kid in our area, for anonymity sake we'll...
  13. Gonz

    How can I top the Bacon Explosion?

    I prepared this delicacy last year for my wife's side of the family's Christmas gathering and it was a huge hit. But that's to be expected, after all what's not to love about it. How can I top that this year? Any suggestions in the realm of making something so out of control, over the top...
  14. Gonz

    Renting an RV

    Raise your hands if you've done this? Doing a family trip out to San Francisco in June and thinking about renting an RV to drive up to Redwood National park, then back down to Yosemite. Probably 10 days total in the RV and a few days on either end in town. We've got a big race out there...
  15. Gonz

    Deep Dish Cous Cous Pizza

    No rocket science here. Just a combination of two things that I really enjoy. I seem to have a knack for unlikely combinations. Crust options - I either make one in the bread machine or from the store bought dough mix packets (for this size, two of them) One box Near East Parmesan Cous Cous...
  16. Gonz

    New Year's Resolutions?

    What does everyone have lined up for 2012? Let's hear some of your resolutions and how you plan on accomplishing them! For me, I'm planning on getting healthy finally and am going to quit smoking cigars. Keep an eye out on the B/S/T forum. Secondly, I plan on trying not to joke around so...
  17. Gonz

    Overabundance of singles

    It's really out of control. I have probably three to four hundred random singles, including cigars where I only have maybe 3-4 of them left. They're in the cabinet's singles drawer, they're in ziplock bags, they're in 3 and 5 finger bags, they're in single bags (like the ones from passes) and...
  18. Gonz

    ISO TAA 2011 sets (2) - Any of you retailers have extra?

    Like the title says, I'm looking for two 2011 Toast Across America sets. I was unable to attend an event this year but would still like to get my hands on a couple sets. Thanks!
  19. Gonz

    Brewing question

    Hey all, I'm getting ready to start another batch of a Surly Furious clone. The last time I brewed this, it turned out almost perfect. Side by side with the real thing they were just about indistinguishable. The exception was the real Furious has that slightly longer hops aftertaste that...
  20. Gonz

    Espresso Porn

    Christmas present to my wife this year, although I have to admit it's a little bit like Homer buying Marge that bowling ball for her birthday... Started off needing a new grinder, but then after spending way too much time talking to the guy at the cooking store I realized that buying a...