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    Holy Santa ballsc the Texas massacre

    Another one bites the dust. Holy hell, bodies laying everywhere. bodies, everyone else was at work, which works well for me cause now I have some storing to do. This box was amazing brother and very tasty. Really appreciate this massive Texas Christmas hit. Happy holiday brother...
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    Mailman/woman appreciation

    Due to all the packages we have been ordering since we just moved into the house, our mail person has been working overtime. We both work full time so we don’t get to see them at all during the week. So the wife was looking on twatter last night and someone posted they were doing this, so we set...
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    Solid bomb (round 2)

    I was informed to prepare for a round two. Shit, I was clenching that plug for everything it is, surprised it didn’t break tbh. Our mail lady didn’t show up to our Ortho clinic so I was assuming either she was ok, using a forklift, or she died after trying to tote a 75 pound package. Much to my...
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    Whelp, there goes the house

    And here I was hoping we could slowly get settled but noooooo. We won’t even talk about the mail lady. After throwing her back out, now she almost gets taken out by the bomb sent over by @modo22. Ben, this is an incredible gift man. I really do appreciate this, as well as it allows me to...
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    Solid bomb from Jon

    I mean, it’s literally fucking solid. @cabaiguan juan you shouldn’t have man. I mean really, you shouldn’t have. so I left the clinic today and had a quarterly meeting about 2 hours away. So, just got home about 5 minutes ago when my wife said I got a package and it’s heavy as f$&k. I see the...
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    Anyone in the military know what these are?

    Had a patient give me these today. He collects war and military items and I helped him with his bill and he brought me this stuff. No idea what it is. Can anyone throw some wisdom my way?
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    Thought’s Dad Joke Thread

    Figured that I would go ahead and get some Eyerolls and heavy sighs from someone other than my wife. So I’m starting a dad joke thread. Feel free to add your own favorites! Apparently, Steve Irwin was planning on coming out with a sunscreen line before he died. However, during testing phase it...
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    Am I being targeted?

    @cabaiguan juan sent a sneaky package my way full of awesome smokes and some shootable drinks as well. Really appreciate this brother. I do not know what I did to deserve this, but you guys are amazing to say the least. I am so glad I am a part of this amazing community. I will definitely be...
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    Damnit. He got me

    @H. Vachon got me good. Set off a mini nuke here at the house. The wife is pissed cause she just finished up cleaning the house to show, but I’ll talk to her for ya, no worries. Really appreciate this brother. Excited to try the different blends and cigars. You are an awesome brother.
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    Partagas 150 (95’ I believe)

    So, had this gifted through a friend of a friend. I’m guesstimating a 48 ring and 6 1/4 inch length. Very very light hay aroma when snorting it. Very interested to see how this one turns out. I did follow @jfields advice (thanks!) and ran it under cold water for a few seconds then pat it dry...
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    The mailman was drunk this time

    We don't really have a close relationship with our mailman. A lot of fragile packages crunched up in the mailbox instead of on the front porch, some packages missing objects inside with the tape broken, wife pregnant during a 3 month dry spell, you know, the norm. Today, I got off work early...
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    Time to ask about that ash-tray

    I’m in search of a new ash tray. My last PLASTIC montecristo ashtray bit the dust with a good sized crack down the side, guessing from the weather. Lately we have been back and forth on temps, 60s one day, 25 the next, then back up to 60s. In search of a new one but did want to ask the wise...
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    Partagas no 1 maduro

    So, I got the chance to try a maduro cigar from an awesome brother. First one of the CC’s with this type of wrapper on it so I’m excited. Not sure on the age of it. Dey inhale is sweet like a dark chocolate. Smells of hay and dark cocoa. First third: slight pepper to it but not bad. There...
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    Ashton VSG 20 year Salute (2007)

    Thanks to an amazing brother, I will be reviewing this cigar today. Minimal veins on this bad boy. Taking a whiff reminds me of a barn that someone dumped coffee all over. Start: 1925 Drink: water and periodic shots of jack daniels between the thirds for a “palate cleanser”:cool: Dry taste...
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    Double fisting

    You are smoking a nice cigar when your wife hands hers to you and says she’s done, she doesn’t like it. What do you do?
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    Are we allowed to post penis pics like this? Edit- sorry please ignore

    So here I was, waiting for my chocolate edible penis to arrive when I heard something go off up the road. Apparently the mailman had been trying to sneak a look at packages before dropping them off and he happened upon a MOAB addressed to me. Thank you for this Chester! I have never tried any...
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    Happy birthday cabaiguan juan!

    Can’t believe I almost forgot this. Thanks for being an awesome brother and posting some of the most interesting and entertaining offcigar posts! Enjoy your day brother!
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    God of Fire double robusto 2007

    Shoutout to @CigSid as I failed him previously and wanted redemption in doing one of these. Thank you to @jfields for providing this amazing opportunity. Forethought: I only have 1-2 years experience with cigars so this is a newbie review by far. Dry box: 5 days at 62% in a small case alone...
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    LF vegetable and beef stew with savory broth

    I usually just do the grilling at the house but periodically I will cook a beef and vegetable stew. It’s not from a secret passed down recipe, it’s basically throwing whatever leftover sh!# we have in the house that the wife couldn’t use or is about to expire in a large tub and cooking it a...
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    Friendly fire! Friendly fire!

    Really didn’t deserve this but apparently @Miami Matt didnt get that memo. Found a quaint little package containing epic sticks. Really appreciate this brother! These are going in the not so distant future roster!