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  1. Acclaym

    Liquor Acquisitions 2021

    2020 Birthday Bourbon
  2. Acclaym

    Oculus Quest 2

    Holy shit, this thing is awesome! It's the first time that gaming has given me goosebumps in a decade or more. I had played the PS VR a bit at a buddy's house but you could see the "screen" which made things less realistic. Not an issue with this bad boy AND there are no sensors to set up. It's...
  3. Acclaym

    Workshop Projects

    Howdy, y'all. Not sure if we already have a woodworking thread but here's my wife and I's latest project. Turning bourbon barrels into some man cave furniture. First up, two end tables. The smell was unreal! 🥃😍 Woodford and Buffalo Trace. You can see how far the bourbon penetrated the...
  4. Acclaym

    CPFFL Cash League Year 11

    Howdy, y'all! We need to get this year's cash league moving and there are 2 spots to fill. We would like to open this up to current upstanding members before any others. Are there any CP members with 6+ months of activity that would like to jump in? Buy-in and payout info is below. BUY-IN -...
  5. Acclaym

    Peterson Pipes

    I came across a cool video on reddit about Peterson pipes. I don't know a damn thing about pipes but it was an interesting watch. Link
  6. Acclaym

    Houston, Orlando, DC, Baltimore

    Well... I gots me a promotion, boys (and Bri). I'm a big corporate guy now and y'all best beware. Operations Training and Safety Director is now on my plate and since we have new locations Houston, Orlando, DC, and Baltimore, I'd like to know which of you degenerates frequents these parts...
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    Mobile McCafee Warning

    Just got this today. Using Samsung S8+.
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    Beer Make-A-Wish 2019

    There's been a wonderful resurgence in CP member's interest in great brews recently and we all know there's some great new local breweries out there - let's get this thing going! Whether you are looking for something hard to acquire or just want a tasty "new to you" beer, please grant a wish and...
  9. Acclaym

    I got smacked around today...

    Somebody took advantage of me today. I got home and a package of ass whoopin' from a dude named Cody had beaten me there. Thanks, bro! I will surely enjoy these sticks after a nice rest in the humi. Payback can be rough I hear...
  10. Acclaym

    NFL Playoffs

    Who y'all got in this first weekend? I'm going Colts, Seahawks, Eagles, Chargers.
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    Page selector

    Ron, is there any way to get a page selector on the top of every thread just like on the bottom?
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    From John With Love... ?

    The mailman shoved something in my mailbox today which I thought was odd... I went out to investigate and found a box from John Fields?. Thank you very much for the contents, especially the letter. After moving here to Charlotte a few years back I really haven't made any solid friends so guys...
  13. Acclaym

    Never Thought This Would Happen....

    And in my own damn home... Someone has ignored my recent posts about the Mossberg Shockwave just acquired... the AR I'm building... The vicious looking lab that is in attack mode at all times (he's really a ...I've been assaulted in my own home! A big thanks to this mystery person...
  14. Acclaym

    UFC 229: Nurmagomedov Vs. McGregor

    So, who ya got!? For the guys who may not watch very much MMA this is arguably the greatest fight in UFC history. Although McGregor needs no introduction, Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the most dominant men that has ever fought. He is undefeated at 26-0 and has never lost a single round while...
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    Duplicate thread.
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    Acclaym's Humidor Build

    Hey, CP! I'm getting into a new humidor build and I thought it would be cool to bring you guys along. I've currently got a 120 quart coolidor and I'm running out of room so I have a few ideas for expansion. My first choice is an Aristocrat humidor from Bob Staebell but I don't currently ball on...
  17. Acclaym

    New Ash Tray / Cigar Rest

    I've been in search of a cheap ash tray with a cigar rest lately with no luck..until yesterday. Me and the lady went to World Market and after looking around the kitchen section I came across this gem. I'm pretty sure it's a mini saute pan or something, I was so pumped up when I found it I...
  18. Acclaym

    Need some advice on Coffee

    Gentlemen I need a bit of advice. My parents are long time Folgers drinkers and recently started trying new stuff. I want to get then a bit of variety for the holidays so what would you guys recommend? They drink their coffee black and prefer it a bit stronger.
  19. Acclaym

    Gentlemen, it is that time once again..

    Hump Day! Let the wild RUMPus begin! Enjoy yourselves.