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  1. chris14001

    ISO North West IN Opus X Dealer

    Any one know of any hidden gems in northwest Indiana that sell Opus X?? Im there a couple times a week and I know there has to be some good places out there! Any direction would be great!!! Thanks again in advance as always!!!!!!
  2. chris14001

    Just loaded it up!

    Well after a week with the hydra lg in the humidor tower with out seasoning it ! Its stable at 60-70% rh! So I finally loaded it today. But I also put in a small saucer with distilled water and a couple xikar gell cups on the shelfs. Lets keep our fingers crossed!!!
  3. chris14001

    Season or not?

    Hey guys just bought a humidor tower. I actually read the getting started packet and it says not to rub down the inside of the tower with any substance. It says to just place your humidification device in and let it charge the humidor it self??? Has anyone else done this, or heard of doing it...
  4. chris14001

    Best day for a Cigar! Friday

    Well guys if there ever was a perfect time for a cigar!! Its going to be this Friday for me!!!! My wife is having TWINS!!! She has a scheduled c-section for this Friday at noon. Im praying for the best and looking forward to having a great stick once my little ones come into the world!!!!
  5. chris14001

    Cigar Packing!

    Ive searched around on the forum and if I missed it please direct me! Im looking for individual zip lock baggies for single sticks. Any ideas where to get them I see people have them for single sticks Ive found baggies for 3-5 sticks but thats not what I want any help would be great! Chris
  6. chris14001

    Casa De Monte Cristo - Countryside IL

    Hey there just wondering if anyone on the board here hangs out at Casa De Monte Cristo in Willow Springs?? Great place with really great people. Along with a great Selection of sticks. If anyone goes there let meet up !!!
  7. chris14001

    Any Difference to you guys? Tubos or Box

    Have guys have had a different experience with cigars being in tubus verses a box. I personally love the Cohiba Siglo VI, the first time I ever had them was in tubos. An there for awhile I always bought them that way. Then one day I figured to purchase a box of them with out the tubos. I have to...
  8. chris14001

    Uploading Pics

    figured it out Thankls
  9. chris14001

    Sunday Goodies

    Well I just hit the lotto 2 days in a row. I had to get some things for the soon to be babies and afterwords I decided to treat my self. Went to the local shop and picked up a couple things. Got there an scooped up 20 perfecxion x also grabbed a my father limited edition 2010 and then grabbed...
  10. chris14001

    Got some goodies today

    Hey hope everyones saturday is going good! I just scored some opus and couldnt come at a better time. Ive been in need an stop by my local cigar shop and broke down and made the purchase. got 20 petit lancero's and 10 fuente fuente also got 2 2008 chili peppers. Ill post pics as soon as i can...
  11. chris14001

    Ciagrs and Children a tradition anyone!

    Hey guys how are you? Just wondering if anyone has done this before. I am getting ready to have TWINS, yes TWINS!! Oh boy!!! Time to wake up and realize my life is going to change. But I am buying a couple special boxes of cigars and going to TRY and only smoke one a year for 25 years. Has...
  12. chris14001

    Any Experience with a Heritage Old English Tower Humidor

    Hey everyone trying to get back in the swing of things here! Any one here have this unit or know someone who has it? Just trying to find out if its a good unit and what the experience is with it. Its a Heritage series Old English Tower. Any help would be great thanks in advance.
  13. chris14001


    Where Can I purchase a bottle of Forbiden x cigar in a bottle and havana club 15 for a decent price? Thanks in advance chris