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    An excellent example of what happens when a big dog eats your cigar. Nice catch can't let them go to waste:eek:
  2. Nomad


    In the dark
  3. H. Upmann Legacy

    H. Upmann Legacy

    Nice smoke
  4. Gran Habano

    Gran Habano

    Better with age. This surprised me. Pretty good.
  5. Oliva Serie V

    Oliva Serie V

    Flavor bomb
  6. Trinidad Club Collection

    Trinidad Club Collection

    A great smoke
  7. Saint Louis Rey Serie G

    Saint Louis Rey Serie G

    A favorite of mine
  8. CAO Flathead Sparkplug

    CAO Flathead Sparkplug

    My kind of cigar!
  9. E.P. Carrillo Inch

    E.P. Carrillo Inch

  10. Bahia B-line

    Bahia B-line

    Avoid at all cost
  11. AJ Fernandez Rosa de Guadalupe Robusto

    AJ Fernandez Rosa de Guadalupe Robusto

    AJ Fernandez Rosa de Guadalupe Robusto
  12. IMG_20200816_124839_01.jpg


    Montecristo Dominican
  13. IMG_20200815_213646_01.jpg


    CroMagnon Aquitaine Cranium
  14. IMG_20200708_202750.jpg


    Bahia Icon 2013
  15. IMG_20200707_191138.jpg


    Pinar Del Rio clasico exclusive
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    Crappy Cigar

    If you know anyone who likes these dog rockets🚀 let me know. I would love to give them a new home.
  17. R

    Crappy Cigar

    I think I have about 3 bundles of these. It was wrapped so poorly it wouldn't draw and the wrapper was lifting in several places, just garbage. I hate to through them out but that's what's going to happen.