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  1. gtadroptop

    "CigSid's "bomb" contest - 2008 H. Uphman Sir Winston (Won't You Be Mine)

    Is this the free cigar giveaway thread?
  2. gtadroptop

    Happy Birthday, John (gtadroptop)

    Belated thanks for the Birthday wishes. I haven't logged on to CP for a while, I'm embarrassed to say. Sad because I used to be here every day, not so long ago. Life, other interests, and so on.   Still enjoying cigars. Still hanging out with the crew at the local B&M. Still driving the drop...
  3. gtadroptop

    New job, time for a European Herf

    Awesome! Congrats!!!
  4. gtadroptop

    super bowl contest random draw 2014

    Just looked at the list. Guess I got my penalty. The Cowboys. :laugh:   Good luck, guys!
  5. gtadroptop

    super bowl contest random draw 2014

    DC#9114 9011 5981 8008 0650   They flew today. Apologies for the delay. I'll take a 15 yard Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty.
  6. gtadroptop

    super bowl contest random draw 2014

    Picked these up at my B&M today. Now I have to wait for the Post Office to open on Monday. We have two from the now defunct Lou Rodriguez, two from Table 36, and two Leaf by Oscar. I haven't even tried the last ones yet.     [sharedmedia=gallery:images:12069]  
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    super bowl contest random draw 2014

    I'm in for my usual two slots. Sorry for the late reply. I'm not on CP nearly as much as I used to be. Damn Facebook private groups.   I'll be doing the same thing I've done the past few years, which is to send boutique cigars that a lot of you have maybe never had the opportunity to try. That's...
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    This app has made me realize I've been getting beer lazy. Too many Labatt Blues and not enough craft brews.
  9. 20140621 115012

    20140621 115012

  10. 20140621 114933

    20140621 114933

  11. 20140621 114923

    20140621 114923

  12. gtadroptop

    14 years already...

    Happy Birthday CP. Here's to 14 more and more.
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    Godzilla Contest

    The original and still the cheesy rubber suited best, IMO.   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:11862]  
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    Any Fitbit users?

    My wife has one, too. She loves it. I got her the companion Fitbit scale. That didn't trip her trigger. It went back to Best Buy.
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    Happy Birthday Jonesy!

    Happy Birthday, #2!
  16. gtadroptop

    Thank you!

  17. gtadroptop

    Once again I'm speechless.....

    Warm and fuzzies. :thumbs:
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    Bought my 1st bottle of Bourbon

    Camp will be opening up in a few weeks. I've started building the bourbon stash. Elijah Craig, Bulliet, Eagle Rare, and Jefferson's are ready to go. The micro-distillery down the road, Five & 20, is planning on releasing their first bourbon sometime this summer. Nothing like bourbon, a good...
  19. gtadroptop

    3rd Annual MLB Random Drawing Contest

    I really can't argue with that. It's a quandary - cheer for the Evil Empire and win cigars or go Black and Gold.   Go mean Go Pirates! I can live with second place.
  20. gtadroptop

    Johnny-O! True Story

    I was enjoying the narrative. I agree. You paint awesome pictures.