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  1. kona1000

    Buy Bitcoin

    That’s all.
  2. kona1000

    Going to court

    I’ve got to go to civil court Oct 7. Just wondering if there where any litigators on here who can help me not make a fool of myself and of course win- I got hit on the highway 2 years ago. Thanks.
  3. kona1000


    Never been a gun guy but I’m looking to get a shotgun and a rifle- good for long range. I am not experienced at all with guns, so I know I have a lot to learn. I have recently given myself the doomsday prepper tag and am looking to protect my family when SHTF. THANKS For any advise.
  4. kona1000

    Moving my smokes- MOLD

    I went through my coolidor to arrange my smokes for the move and found mold!! Only on my No.9’s and my FFP?!??!? So bummed whipped ‘me down but... My FFP?? NOOOOOOOO!!! Out of 1000 stogies or so that was it. Not sure what Drew Estates is doing, but ....
  5. kona1000


    Does Fuente still make these? I’ve been having a hell of a time finding them. Thanks
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    Just wondering if anyone has gotten the bug and is really excited about blockchain tech and how things are going to change in the future. I read the thread about mining and I haven't gotten into it yet but I'm thinking I should soon. Anybody, anybody... Bueller?
  7. kona1000

    Ground control to Major Tom

    RIP David Bowie.
  8. kona1000

    Angel Guidance with Spiritual Healer P J

    I would like to thanks PJ for all of her cigar guidance. The Lagavulin was really a nice touch. Thank You, Dave
  9. kona1000

    Going to Buffalo Trace for a wedding- Nov 21

    What can I get there- any limited whiskey's ? Has anyone done the tour? Either way really looking forward to it.
  10. kona1000

    For the lazy beer lover who has everything.    
  11. kona1000

    Hopefully some day.
  12. kona1000

    Golf 2015

    Yesterday was legendary for me as a golfer.   I knew I had it in me and it finally came out.   After putting in the practice chipping and putting when ever I could get a chance.  Yesterday,  I played 18 and stopped keeping score after 14, I was just hitting my groove.  After 13 we decided to...
  13. kona1000

    Any Hikers out there?

    I haven't hiked, seriously in about 8 years.  Now that my wife and I have adopted a little boy, I spend a ton of time in the woods.  I am going to take him out this August to MT Greylock- highest point in MA. for a week long adventure of sleeping on pine needles.   I have Hiked the Appalachian...
  14. kona1000

    B's versus Hab's 5er

    I'll take the Big Bad Bruins! Gunna be a good series!
  15. kona1000

    Padron serial numbers

    Do they really mean anything? Is there some website somewhere where you can plug in the serial number and it will tell you about that particular cigar?
  16. kona1000

    Golf in Orlando, Fla

    I'm going down to Orlando, Fla to play golf. I'm staying at the Waldorf Astoria. There is a golf course there but it's 180$ for 18. I can not pay that much to play golf. Question: where should I play that is less than 100$. I want to get at least 15 -20 round in in the 5 days I'm there. So...
  17. kona1000

    Red Sox v. Tampa

    Enjoying today's game with a '26, #1 and some Blue Label.     Go Sox!   Wife at the Game.  :(
  18. kona1000


    Well Tom Brady's brother-in-law is now in pin strips. Oh boy- you can't really blame him, the Yanks gave him the money. It is just weird.
  19. kona1000

    LapTops for Kids

    Brothers and Sisters, I am in charge of the Angel Fund in Norfolk County, Ma. and I am collecting old laptops that people no longer in need of. We are going to refurbish them and give them to a child in need of one, that can't afford one. We all know how important it is for a good education...
  20. kona1000

    Lean Manufacturing

    I was wondering if their where any Brother/Sisters here who where involved in Lean Manufacturing that I could talk to about Associations they or their companies belong to. Even Software developers that use Lean techniques to deliver Software. Thanks, Dave