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  1. Dozerhead

    Plume or mold on these cigars

    I don't think I have ever read one of these threads where it wasn't mold, and obiously so.
  2. Dozerhead

    Neti Pot - My new best friend

    I use this product, too, and swear by it. It is not the most comfortable thing in the world but you can't beat the results. We occasionally use it on our kids which may sound like cruel and unusual punishment, but they hardly ever get sick anymore. They don't care for it, either, but they are...
  3. Dozerhead

    I am truly loved....

    I didn't get any love, either. I guess she is not too interested in any 'southern hospitatlity'. Doesn't she know that everything is bigger down here in Texas? :D
  4. Dozerhead

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    True, but the guy said that was the way their latest boxes were shipped. It makes no real difference to me, though.
  5. Dozerhead

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    I just picked up a couple of FFP's at my local and they now come packaged in cellophane.
  6. Dozerhead

    Happy Birthday CigarPass! 12 years old...

    Happy birthday CP! Here's hoping for many more returns. Rod, thank you for making this site what it is.
  7. Dozerhead

    R.I.P. Richard Dawson

    Heck, I know I'm dating myself but I enjoyed watching him on the Match Game with Gene Raymond when they weren't reruns!
  8. Dozerhead

    Bay area-Webster Tx Herf

    I'm definitely interested. Count me in. ;)
  9. Dozerhead

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    They have FFP's, too? I guess I need to swing by there later today. :whistling:
  10. Dozerhead

    The Ensure is usually top notch, too! I recommend the chocolate.

    The Ensure is usually top notch, too! I recommend the chocolate.
  11. Dozerhead

    What's Your Latest Purchase

    I was just in there last week.
  12. Dozerhead

    Anyone ever dealt with Post Concussion Syndrome Before

    I've worked in brain injury rehabilitation before and it sounds like you had a mild case of Post Traumatic Amnesia (PTA). It's basically where your brain has difficulty, or sometimes the inability, to form new memories following a traumatic brain injury. In the most severe cases, I have seen it...
  13. Dozerhead

    Two years today

    Congrats on the anni! What did I win? :D
  14. Dozerhead

    Hazards of the hobby.

    Hazards of the hobby.
  15. Dozerhead

    You can say that again!

    You can say that again!
  16. Dozerhead

    Petite Coronas

    That is a project worth pursuing! :thumbs:
  17. Dozerhead

    Petite Coronas

    The Party Short is actually a minuto, but is one of my faves, too.
  18. Dozerhead

    Need some help identifying some gifts

    This is all you need to know. These were the only EL's produced by Habanos S.A. that year. The Cohiba you have is an obvious fake. Smoke it at your own risk. Lord knows what it was rolled with. ???
  19. Dozerhead

    Pit Bull Food Alergies - Need suggestions

    I don't have a pit bull, but I've had a dog with allergies. I feed mine 'Taste of the Wild' dog food. It is all natural without any grain fillers. My dogs love it. It is pretty expensive but worth it, imo.
  20. Dozerhead

    Visiting Houston 4/13-17

    It is downtown. Unfortunately I am not too familiar with that part of town