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  1. Tall Paul

    HELP! I am not a computer guy!

    All, I am looking to have someone design an interactive squares board like we had years ago for the Anjeo/Opus Super bowl Pool as I am sure you can see this is a hell of a lot of work and tracking and with the old interactive grid it was a lot smoother process. There must be a person or two on...
  2. Tall Paul

    Super Bowl Squares #2 2021 FULL!!!

    FIRST SQUARES FILLED UP FAST! This is card #2 for 2021. The rules are simple... -$10 per square 5 squares per person. Your $50 will be Pay Pal to me . -The payouts will be a box off CC’s for the first quarter, second quarter, third quarter and final score. -So there will be only room for 20...
  3. Tall Paul

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2021)

    Cheers to 2020 being over! Show me your hops! Cheers, Paul
  4. Tall Paul

    Merry Christmas!

    The magic is real at the Harrison house this year! All you guys that have older kids were right this is awesome! Merry Christmas everyone! Cheers, Paul P.S. Growing up my parents always let us open one gift Christmas night And it was always pajamas and my dad would say put them on and go to...
  5. Tall Paul

    Another shot from Texas!

    As everyone else said Aaron @TexasTraveler launched a mega load on the Vherf crew and I can’t say thank you enough! hope you and the fam have an amazing Christmas. Cheers, Paul
  6. Tall Paul

    Super Bowl Squares #1 2021 FULL!!!

    This setup has played really well the last couple years. I’m hoping for 2 full cards this year!!! The rules are simple... -$10 per square 5 squares per person. Your $50 will be Pay Pal to me . -The payouts will be...
  7. Tall Paul

    60% Beads for dry box?

    I’m trying to set up a dry box. Where are you guys getting the 60% beads? Cheers, Paul
  8. Tall Paul

    Thank you!

    To all my brothers and sisters here at CP that have sacrificed so much I thank you and wish you a happy Veterans Day! Cheers and smoke something good today. You deserve it! Paul
  9. Tall Paul

    Newbie Contest. Come Win some Cigars!

    Hello hello, I’m going to make this real simple. 😂 Main rule is no Asshats. I’ve been in and out for a bit so I will relay on @cabaiguan juan to help me out if he sees someone participating that shouldn’t. Second rule is you have to have a join date after June 8th 2019. Third rule is you need...
  10. Tall Paul

    Any Kudota owners here???

    Besides me and Clint... @MoeCizlak . I just got a BX23s this summer and I am loving it. This little machine continues to amaze me every day. I also have a zero turn and Im toying with the idea of selling it and buying a deck for the Kubota. I’m in the process of converting all my tow behind...
  11. Tall Paul

    Chevy Truck owners PSA!

    Hello, I have been a Chevy guy for many years and I’m 99% sure I’ll never buy another one because of the last 12 months. Main reason for this post is to let you all know if you have a Any Chevy, GMC, Cadillac... etc. truck with the DOD AFM (displacement on demand Active fuel management) Have...
  12. Tall Paul

    Super Bowl Squares 2020 ***FULL***

    Last year this went off great and I look forward to doing it again. The rules are simple... -$10 per square 5 squares per person. Your $50 will be Pay Pal to me . -The payouts will be a box off CC’s for the first...
  13. Tall Paul

    Wow! Smacking me back to the forum....

    So obviously I’ve been a bit quiet lately and have had very little time to check in to see how everyone is doing and what’s new. To say life has been crazy this summer would be an understatement. The kids (Aria 2-1/2 and Dawson 1) are out of their minds... lol they have my wife and I running...
  14. Tall Paul

    Happy Birthday my CP Birthday Brothers!

    @modo22 and @Corneighdo I hope you gentlemen are having a great birthday as I sure am. I had a nice ride to Southern CT today and I enjoyed this on the way there. Thank you @cody5thou you the man! Then on the way home I enjoyed this beautiful smoke! Thank you @bfreebern as I texted you...
  15. Tall Paul

    Thoughts? What in world???

    Bradley Dillon AKA Thoughts please explain why I now need to replace my mailbox. Here I was minding my own business an Kaboom! Thank you sir for the great gift. It is much appreciated. Paul
  16. Tall Paul

    It’s good beer but...’s not that good. It’s 16F outside right now and the line are Treehouse was easily 1000’ just to get in the door... NOPE! I drove away... lol Paul
  17. Tall Paul

    Welfare check for MNBrian?

    Paging @MNBrian I just want to make sure you are ok after today’s loss... lol You’ve been quite so I assume you are busy with the little one. Take it slow, Paul
  18. Tall Paul

    Well my house was just Rocked!!!

    Ben (@modo22 ), You sir are too much and I can't thank you enough for the amazing box of beer and cigars among other items that was just dropped on my porch. I look forward to trying each and every one. WHat perfect timing as it has been crazy here at the NutHouse with the little ones and life...
  19. Tall Paul

    Super Bowl Squares 2019 FULL

    It’s a New year so time to try something new! As you may have seen Tom is not going to run it this year so I can’t let a great tradition die! So this is what we are doing. Last year Josh threw out a great idea of a cash league and we use the money to by 4 boxes of CCs one per quarter and I...
  20. Tall Paul

    Congrats Redsox!