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    Trick or treat!

    Sorry about the small thumbnails. I guess it helps in case of NSFW.
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    Cigar Smoking World Championship

    Interesting read.
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    Notre-Dame is on fire.

    Sad. I was just there in October.
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    Los Angeles wildfires

    I myself have not been effected beyond traffic and air quality concerns, but I have friends who've had to be evacuated. Just starting this thread in case some of our members are in trouble and need help. Seems like every morning I wake up to news of new fires starting. Anyway, hopefully...
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    2017 beer SS?

    Just thought I'd put up a bat signal to see if there's any interest. I'm in if there's enough participants. @emoshun
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    Attention home cooks/butchers/BBQ'ers - what the heck is this???

    Hey all, so I was trimming a beef tri-tip for a BBQ tomorrow and as I'm trimming through a layer of fat I cut through this somewhat bulbous sack. I've never seen something like this in meat I've prepped. Anybody know what it is? I'm worried it's some kind of parasite or lesion. It wasn't...
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    NHL 2016-17

    Regular season started yesterday and my Kings picked up where they left off...getting beat by the Sharks. To make matters worse Quick had a misstep and must have tweaked a groin muscle. He's out for the forseeable future. How about that Auston Matthews kid, eh? 4 goals in his first NHL...
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    Batkid saves San Francisco!

    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted here.  I'm as cynical as the next guy, but every so often humans do a solid.,0,960003.story#axzz2kmSlxgpY...
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    Bagpiper flashmob in Thousand Oaks, CA

    Right down the street from where I work, actually. I could listen to this all day long. Reminds me of my trip to Ireland.!
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    Rompope (Mexican egg nog)

    Just picked up a bottle of Santa Clara brand at Total Wine. I think it was about $10. Pretty good stuff! Very rich, strong (I think 14%), and tasty. Tastes like vanilla custard with a bit of nutiness and a huge slap of alcohol. Might need to cut this with regular egg nog to tame the beast...
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    Avery Rumpkin

    Did they brew it this year? I've been checking the shops around but no dice. If anyone has access to some, holler at me.
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    SoCal pre-Thanksgiving Herf!

    It's about that time! Some of us were wondering if a change of venue might be in order since the Monrovia DT isn't central to us anymore. We were thinking about perhaps the Verdugo Bar ( which is in Glendale/LA area. In addition to high quality brews on tap they...
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    Nicklas Lidstrom retires

    First off, why is a Kings fan starting this thread?;_ylt=ApRNVuFoYooT26VZYThB0dh7vLYF Secondly, I have a great deal of respect for Lidstrom even if he did play for the *shudder*, Wings. From all that I heard...
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    Selling my two tickets to FW Beer Invitational

    Posted up a FS in the B/S/T forum. Figured I'd post up a marker here for all the beer geeks. http://www.cigarpass...paso-robles-ca/ Edit: SOLD!
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    Video beer review: Ladyface Trappistine

    Okay, at the risk of making a fool of myself to my CP brothers, at the herf hosted by Brett (Puros Locos) last weekend, Derrick (Chewbacco) suggested I make some video beer reviews and post them here. A little background: almost 3 years ago, during a long period of unemployment I started making...
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    Firestone Walker Invitational Beerfest

    Tickets on sale now. Some serious breweries have been invited. See you guys there!
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    Calhounhusker, please read.

    CH, I belive we've all been patient (perhaps to a fault) with this, but it needs to get resolved ASAP. What's the status? My timeline: Aug 15 - You rec'd the beer PIF. Aug 17 - You post a "who's next?" in the beer PIF thread. Oct 17 - I bump the thread Oct 19 - Jfields starts a PM between...
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    NHL, 2011-12 season

    Well, I woke up to great news that Doughty has finally re-signed with the KIngs and figured this was a good time to start a new thread for the upcoming season. With Drew back and the moves that have been made, I gotta say, things are looking very good for the Kings. I think the biggest issue...
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    Russian KHL Lokomotiv plane crashes

    Sad news for us hockey fans. Some former (and perhaps future) NHL players are among the presumed deceased. RIP.;_ylt=AkWPBfrAWCprck0tzt_xXxx7vLYF?urn=nhl-wp11993
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    Dinner with dad.

    Just came back from eating dinner with my dad. Mom is out of country on vacation. I love my parents but they can drive me up a wall. Normal, eh? So I was eating and thinking about why my dad ordered this, or why he did that, and perhaps the trivial stuff that gets on my nerves at times...and...