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    What else do ya smoke?

    I know I am finding myself more and more rolling up some bali shag and smoking that as well as the good ol' smokes I have before. not at the same time of course, but I just think that that stuff smell so much better then normal cigarettes so I figure since I am poor I will smoke these without...
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    Another plea for help!

    I am going out of town yet again and am seeing if anyone in the St. Paul area wants to get together for a smoke. i always go with my boss and we work a little late and then go to eat and stright back to the hotel and if i am going to be there all week i want to go do something.
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    anyone here of these places just wondering
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    Puros Indos

    good little cigar and the maxima reservas are pretty good cigar. n e one else have one of these lately?
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    N E 1 From Chicago area?

    I am coming from Grand Rapids, MI and lookiing to go to some good cigar bars and whatnot this weekend. any ideas or suggestions would be great! thanks
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    hi all..anyone in Eagan MN???

    hi all been a long time since i've been here but wondering if anyone is around the eagan MN as i am there right now on business
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    any good speicals

    anyone see any good specials lately? I am up for trying something new as well. :sign:
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    one of the coolest sites ever

    I wish I would have found this much entertainment when I was laid off
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    I'm Back!

    I am back in action again! got that job and been working and not had much time to get on, plus the damn cable modem people were a bunch of dorks and never got/cashed my check, so I got shut off and stuff! damn fools. anyways great to be back. hope I didn't miss to much! :D
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    I got a JOB!

    it is about damn time......finally I got a damn job........thank goodness........anyways just thought that I'd share!!! I am so happy. Hopefully soon me and beast will be going to have a mini herf to celebrate :D :D :D :D
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    mini herf!

    well I had a great day on Thursday when me and beast met up once again and had a few smokes and a few drinks in our lovely downtown area. it was a blast and thanks again beast for all of the lovely smokes!!! I had a lot of fun like i always do when we sit down and hang out! :D :p
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    Check out my new truck!

    my truckMy Truck :D
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    Holt's Fall Catalog

    anyone get this one? they have some bad-a$$ ashtrays in like the OpusX ashtray for $370.00 it is sweet. someone go knock of holt's factory for me and get that???? LMAO :sign: anywho they other much more realisticly priced ashtray are hot (AKA Off the Hook, AKA off the...
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    A Very Sad Day!

    I went to reach into my humidor today and there are only 5 cigars left. This makes me very sad. :( but once the ol' job market kicks in everything will be fine. anyone else seem to get hit hard with this damn economy? This sucks. there are hardly any jobs out there. especially for...
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    hey does anyone know or think they maybe some hotel rooms left????
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    I need to smoke

    anyone up for a has been a whole day without a smoke and I need to smoke................................................................................ ??? :(
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    a little confused about this

    ok so I am a little lost with this damn ISOM thing and everything maybe I am just cunfused and was under the wrong impression or something so can someone tell me please what the heck a ISOM is!!! :sign: :sign: :0 :lookup:
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    anyone try Don Tomas Cameroon

    I had one of these the other day and man was it good a lot of spice to it and yet at the same time smooth as well. I think I will be trying to scrap up some money to buy a box of these. So far this is one of my favorites. All of the other cigars I have tasted for the most part have been good...
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    anything new

    what is going on with seems to me that a lot of the topics here are just sitting or have been here for awhile.....just thought I'd see what everyone is up to lately??? :sign:
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    Neptune cigars?

    I saw a post in the hot cigar deals and was just wondering if they are any food because tehy seem like ok prices for what u get. just curious as I might order some but not sure!!!