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    blue dragons of corse :)

    hi after a long time lost in pc hell im back guess i missed you guys the bord looks a little slow not many passes up you guys slacking off? the golden equedorin wrappers are finally aged well enogh to smoke mmmm mmm smooth tasty too :thumbs: drop me a line guys how you all been?
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    moveing to florida pass

    in six weeks ill be going to florida to start a new job after the total flop of the flavored pass this will be just cigars a few isoms and a bunch of my favorites should be about 50 sticks i think start sending addies address and phone #'s please you all know i send out nice sticks ill leave it...
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    saw the web sight for them price looks good how they are
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    just saw an add for them says made by romeo y juleta anybody try them b4?
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    i hate computers pass

    ok you all know i hate computers fro crashing all the time so lets start a pass everyone who wants in will post their best joke or story about computers the best story gets the pass last when the pickings are better worst story goes boss told me that the cup holder on his computer was...
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    puros pass

    ok since the first puros pass was a S.N.A.F.U. we'll start again puros cigars will be in the pass please send snailies and we'll pretened the first one never happened
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    don diego resurv

    tried the don diego the draw was like a soda straw and made the cigar harsh, liked the look, was shy on smoke , the connecticut maduro wrapper was nice but wouldent spend good money on it
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    im back

    man what a pain im finally back after a horrible move the landlord i was enting from sold the hose out from under us and gave us 15 days to clear out befor the work crews were to hit the house we had to get a new place move the belongings og 6 ppl get rid of the big dogs and the birds and 3 cats...
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    blue dragon sample pack

    many members have asked if i have sample packs of the infamouse blue dragons the answer is ...yes! 30&#36 covers cost and shipping for (4) 45 ring churhills with 4 diff. wrappers message me if u want some :)
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    great close out prices

    i ordered some nicaraguan smokes from he has them for less than &#361 per stick and lots of other deals too la hoya ricas CHURCHILLS SOLEARAS ect sticks are humidified well and aged 2 years i payed with paypal and got the box in 3 days both times very good service :)
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    rewrap pass

    as some of you may or may not know last year i had a pass that several cigars got badly damaged in. i saved the cores and reconditoned and rewrapped about a dozen with new leaf. i removed the band and replaced it with a blank numbered band. the idea is that each person will take a stick and...
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    would any one like to grow cigar tobacco?

    if anyone is interested i can send you some seed and info on growing them :) curing and rolling too ;)