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  1. Pipe Smoker

    Finally finished my Boli PCs, order more or try something new?

    I am about to finish off my first box of Boliver Petite Coronas. I can't decided whether I want to stick with what works and order another box, or expand my horizons and try something new. The only other PC I have is Monte #4.   What do you guys think?
  2. Pipe Smoker

    Help me come up with something new

    Every year we spend a few days around New Years with friends. He smokes cigars but isn't terribly knoweldgeable. I usually try to come up with something interesting to bring with me and a few years ago I started a tradition of bringing a 10 count box of CC with me.   Nothing terribly expensive...
  3. Pipe Smoker

    Christmas Cheer 2014

    I just ordered mine. One of the few absolute rules of pipe smoking that I adhere to religiously is to wait until after Thanksgiving before cracking this year's Christmas Cheer.   Its one of my favorite tobaccos out there, and I look forward to Black Friday each and every year. I'll smoke it all...
  4. Pipe Smoker

    I like this guy

    Retired US Marine stands guard at Canadian War Memorial to honor fallen Cpl. Nathan Cirillo.
  5. Pipe Smoker

    How long does it take to increase Rh of the actual cigar?

    That might be a poorly worded question (search didn't turn anything up so  my terminology might be off). I started another thread because I found that the loose cigars in my cooler were a little dry, my hygro read between 58-62%. I'm still working on my storage issue, but I'm wondering how long...
  6. Pipe Smoker

    More than just Seasonal Mood Disorder?

    I had half a pound of 65% beads that held my first cooler spot on. A few months ago I bought a new cooler (54qts?) and put another full pound of beads in. RH now varies between 58%-62%. My concern is that my loose cigars to seem too dry, which makes me concerned this is more than just Seasonal...
  7. Pipe Smoker

    R&J Churchill vs. Short Churchill?

    I love the Short Churchils and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how they compared to their big brothers? After giving one to a friend who is a causual smoker he said that this was the first cigar that, as he reached the end, he wished was longer. I thought to myself...maybe it can be. But...
  8. Pipe Smoker

    Pappy Van Winkle help

    I'd really like to get a bottle of this as a gift for a freind, but my research has left me a little disheartened. Is it possible to buy this stuff? It has to be, right? People are drinking it so they had to get it somewhere, no? I am starting to realize that this isn't likely to happen, so if...
  9. Pipe Smoker

    Anyone try

    We can't get much mail order booze here in PA, but apparently these guys will ship to us as long as an adult over 21 signs for it. The guy who "invited" me said these were pretty unique, but being in PA, we don't have access to alot, so I have no idea. This may be run of the mill for most of...
  10. Pipe Smoker

    Anyone upgrading to Windows 8?

    I'm thinking of taking advantage of their $40 upgrade option. I'm still running WinXP Pro. It suits us well enough. We use it primarily for internet, a little word procession, and some photo processing. My real motivating factor is that I want to get more ram, but with the 32bit OS I'm stuck...
  11. Pipe Smoker

    Any one with recent experience refinancing?

    After renting for years, my wife and bought our first home in early 2007. In hindsight we made a few mistakes - mainly paying too much and not putting enough down. We're not quite underwater but the house is worth a lot less than we paid for it. We're looking to buy something bigger in a better...
  12. Pipe Smoker

    P&C has the new McClellands releases

    Don't know if any of you obsess over new blends like me, but in addition to Christmas Cheer 2012, McClellands is releasing two new blends. One aged with a chunk of bourbon barrel, the other aged with a chunk of whiskey barrel. All three are listed as being in stock at the moment...
  13. Pipe Smoker

    Any one try Kirkland branded Bourbon?

    I'm a long time Costco member and a huge fan of the Kirkland brand. When I lived in NY I could get the Kirkland branded beer, which was okay. Recently I learned (via CNBC) about Costco's roll in the wine world and I have been on a quest to get a hold of a bottle of Kirkland wine. However, living...
  14. Pipe Smoker


    For those interested: I just got notified that Iwan Reis has some in stock.
  15. Pipe Smoker

    Mold, Plume or something else altogether?

    Can any of you better versed in the subject tell me what you think this might be? Its not fuzzy and its stuck on there good (I licked my finger and tried to rub it off but it stayed put), so I'm thinking it isn't mold. Its in an odd place to be plume, and the cigars are from 2011 so I would...
  16. Pipe Smoker

    Padron + Undercrown

    I order pipe tobacco from these folks, but this jumped out at me. Seemed like a deal worth passing along: http://pipesandcigar...onfisaunvs.html
  17. Pipe Smoker

    Petite Coronas

    Since joining CP, I have really developed an appreciation for this particular vitola. I was wondering which one's you guys prefer? After joining this forum last year (I just realized today's my one year anniversary!), I decided to get a box of Monte #4 for our annual Memorial Day party. It was...
  18. Pipe Smoker

    Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill

    I had been a fairly regular cigar smoker for more than 15 years before I joined this forum, but I am constantly amazed at the new smokes that you guys are exposing me to. Most recently the RyJ Short Churchill. Someone offhandedly suggested it to me and I threw a box of 10 in with a recent order...
  19. Pipe Smoker

    Caoba Cigars?

    A friend just came back from the DR and brought me a 5 cigar sampler of Caoba Cigars. Anyone know anything about them? I never heard of them. Google only turned up a couple of reviews from
  20. Pipe Smoker

    What was the last cigar that really let you down?

    Along the lines of the "What was the last cigar you really enjoyed" thread: After work today my wife and I had dinner down town. The weather here in Philly is unseasonably pleasant so after dinner I swung by Holts and picked up a couple of cigars. One was an Opus Petite Lancero. Now I have a...