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    Happy Birthday Mr. Fields!

    Happy belated Birthday John......Hope you had a great day!!!!!!
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    Help for the wife and Contest!

    You got my vote, great picture. Good Luck!!!!!! Bob
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    Punch Royal Coronations Tubo 1980’s

    Very nice review Greg, glad you enjoyed it. Too bad the opening 1/3 was semi plugged. I'm glad you took pictures of the tube which has an interesting plastic plug/cap unlike the modern screw caps or even the newer slide tubes. Bob
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    Happy 29th B-Day Phil (insight)

    Happy Birthday Phil, enjoy your day!!!!
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    Happy B-Day David (NorCalCigarLover)

    Hey David, Long time no see. Have a great Birthday hope all is well. Bob
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    A New To Me Aristocrat MXT Plus

    NICE!!!!!!! Congrats Rob.....Beautiful unit. Bob
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    Happy B-Day Rob (BobbyRitz)

    Happy Bithday Rob, enjoy your day!!!!!
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    Please pray for my Grandma

    Prayers sent. Sorry to hear news. Bob
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    Happy Birthday John! (jfields)

    Happy Birthday John!!!!! Best Regards Bob
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    May be in order...

    Welcome back Matt!!! I hope things start looking up for you. Bob
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    Welcome to the world

    Congrats David!!!! Bob
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    Shameless Self Promotion

    Congrats....Well done. Bob
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    Bolivar Coronas Extra Cabinet 2003

    Glad you enjoyed it Greg...... Bob
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    Hoy De Monterrey Epicure Especial EL 2004

    Great review Greg and your quite welcome. These have settled down a bit since being released which often happens with the Hoyo's with age. They were medium to full bodied 6 years ago and have steadily lost some of it's original strength but retained it's delicious flavor profile. Glad you...
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    Amazing generosity!

    My Pleasure Greg...Enjoy my friend. Bob
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    You Obviously Didn't Learn Anything Last Time Pass

    102 Thanks for contest. Bob
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    Happy B-Day Greg (Kingantz)

    Happy Birthday Greg, enjoy your day. Bob
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    Happy Birthday Insight ....ya bee-dog pup

    Happy Birthday Phil, enjoy your day. Bob
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    Happy B-Day Jim (stepthirteen)

    Happy Birthday Jim enjoy your day. Bob
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    Need some help

    Often you will find counterfit cigars rolled with good quality tobacco these days. This is what keeps you coming back and thinking they are real. Years ago the unsophisticated counterfeiters did not care what they rolled with as they didn't expect you too ever come back. Today's counter feiters...