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    Skeezed out by Estates?

    As the owner of 5 Boswell's I can attest to the smoking quality of his pipes. Just load them up and smoke them. That said everyone has different preferences and habits with their pipes. In my experience Boswell's and Stanwell's seems to smoke better the harder you smoke them.
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    Viejo paso de los miembros

    Brother Devin :D Package arrived and I'm humbled again by your generosity. A honor to participate in your pass. I didn't play in the contests however I did enjoy watching them. Altogather an outstanding pass. :thumbs: Mike
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    Viejo paso de los miembros

    Ditto also ! Great pass Devin, and I'm sure pot luck will be great. Thanks for the invite. :thumbs:
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    Viejo paso de los miembros

    Ok, the box is in route to Alaska. Jim it's coming express mail and will need to be signed for. Hope that isn't a problem. Express was almost $6.00 cheaper than priority and will be there Monday guaranteed. # eq 652833394 us Be prepared when you go to ship this monster out. Va to Alaska was...
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    Viejo paso de los miembros

    Puts and takes as follows Takes : 15 Trini '98 16 QdO '98 61 Tatuaje Coj 62 DMC #3 Puts : 64 FFOX Forbidden X Plat Ed 65 Cohiba Sig V 30th Anni Jar '96 66 H. U. conn #1 bm nosu 67 WOAM '03 68 AF 858 SG 69 AF 858 Rosado Devin, thanks for inviting me. I'll get this out in the morning to...
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    Viejo paso de los miembros

    Pass is in hand, quick trip :thumbs: Will give it a look tonight and get it back on the way tomorrow. Mike
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    Viejo paso de los miembros

    In place and ready to receive the pass. :thumbs:
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    Viejo paso de los miembros

    Hmmm, does that mean I'm next ? ???
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    What's in your pipe today?

    FMOTT in a stanwell apple nosewarmer. a bit later is gona be bullseye in a boswell bent ball.
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    What's in your pipe today?

    GLP Westminster in a full bent Don Carlos at the moment. This tobacco is much better almost crumbling dry. :thumbs:
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    Viejo paso de los miembros

    Just a note to let all know I'm here and waiting. Nice selection Devin :thumbs:
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    Hmm...Start Pipe Smoking?

    OK, let's try this : The meer is a great suggestion, look on ebay for the smaller ones. Cobs are a cheap way to go also, just don't smoke them all the way to the bottom as you'll burn the stem inserted into the bowl. Pipe cleaners are cheap, buy several packs as you will use them quick. The...
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    What's in your pipe today?

    Been on a Sunjammer kick lately so that was this mornings smoke in a Stanwell 186.
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    Try this link, go to the bottom of the list and you'll find Hearth and Home samplers. 6 2 oz samples of your choice for 28.99. Read the descriptions and pick out 6 to try, you wil not be dissapointed. http://store.pipesandcigars.com/ruouhobl.html
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    Newbie pipes

    A couple of links for some inexpensive pipes: http://www.ff-pipes.com/st_summer_special.html http://www.ff-pipes.com/st_silk.html http://www.ff-pipes.com/st_dorado.html http://www.finebriars.com/valuepipes.html http://www.iwanries.com/Butz_Choquin_BC__C79.cfm...
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    I haven't had very good luck with my Old Boy, 3 trips for repair so far :angry: . Looking around on Frenchy's site I found this one. http://www.frenchyspipes.com/index.php?crn...ion=show_detail. Only had it a month so far but it has become my everyday lighter. If your looking for a nice pipe...
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    What's in your pipe today?

    Westminster in a huge Wiley freehand. Had Tim West open this pipe up and it really makes a difference. :thumbs:
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    How to clean a pipe?

    The link covers it fairly well except for one thing I do. Before reinserting the stem I rub a bit of bee's wax on it to help ease insertion. I run a cleaner through the stem into the bowl right after each smoke. Every 10 pipefulls I wait till it's cool and do the full clean with the alchol...
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    Online Source

    Well, my fav online source now will not ship outside of Cal. :angry: Anyone out there have a good online spirit source that will ship out of state? High Times was great while it lasted, beat the local ABC $5 to $10 a bottle.
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    Tim West Pipes

    Tim is still carving, my local B&M carries his pipes. He also operates a pipe repair buisness. I have had 2 pipes repaired by him and both jobs are flawless. :thumbs: