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  1. JBL11183

    Then Last Cigar You Will Ever Smoke

    You have been exiled to a remote corner of the world and every month you will have your essential supplies air dropped to you ( think the Dharma Initiative from Lost). As part of your monthly supplies you get to pick one box of cigars. You only get one chance to pick your smokes and these will...
  2. JBL11183

    Davidoff Dom Perignion - Past their prime?

    I recently got the chance to purchase a few of these cigars and was considering it for a holiday gift to a business associate who is a serious cigar smoker. After doing some research I found mixed reviews, and many say that the cigars past it's prime and not really worth its price. Has anyone...
  3. JBL11183

    Liga Privada T52 Robusto

    I usually smoke between one and three sticks a day and I like to mix it up, I don't really stay with one particular brand. For the past week or so I have been smoking some really primo sticks....rare opus maduros, DC aniversarios, tat blck lable jar and original releases, Casa Fuentes, a few...
  4. JBL11183

    Lighter-Butane...what's the best

    I just ran out of my Xikar butane amd its time for me to stock up again. I was just wondering is the a difference between brands? If so wheat make one better than the other? Then the obvious what is the best. I would say 75% of my lighters are high end and I'm a car toy junkie and I figure I...
  5. JBL11183

    God of Fire Serie B blend question

    I did some research on here and couldn't find any answers. They say the Serie B is the "popular GOF blend" with a Maduro wrapper. I was just wondering if anyon has any info on which blend it is. I like the Carlito blend much better than the Don Carloa blend. I was just trying to figure out which...
  6. JBL11183

    Latest Opus shipments... Are they coming?

    I live in North Jersey and there are a bunch of B&M's that always get the regular Opus shipments. Every year before fathers day they get their stock. Noone has gotten them in... My cousin was in Miami and a shop owner told him that there was a fire at the factory and they might not come this...
  7. JBL11183

    Trip to the Domincwn

    Hey guys.. My best friend and fellow BOTL is leaving for Punta Cana DR on Tuesday and he is gonna staying at the hard rock. I was hoping to get some feedback on how the hotels cigar shop is if anyone has been there. Also if anyone has any recommendations on places he can go to good sticks.. He...
  8. JBL11183

    Christmas gist for a client

    First I want to apologize if I posted this already. I attempted to post this earlier but isn't think it posted. Either way I want to send a gift to a client of mine. He enjoys cigars. I know he is a fan of the padron 1926 and opus( who isn't haha) I recently got a great deal on a fuente story...
  9. JBL11183

    BHK vs Gran Reserva

    I haven't seen to many reviews on the Cohiba Gran Reserva and I was wondering how they stack up against the BHK. I never got around to trying the GR mostly because the price tag and they aren't the easiest stick to come by. I know there are big shots out there that have both and was just...
  10. JBL11183

    ISOM and strippers

    One of the gentleman clubs I stop by here and there has a cigar lounge. Until recently I never really smoked over there. I was there tonight with one of my buddies and we were ordering food and we flipped to the back of the menu where they had the cigars. On the back page the had a "Cuban...
  11. JBL11183

    2009 God of Fire Angelenos

    I was wondering in any of you guys have been smoking these lately and how they are? I have always been a huge game of the othe GOF's but never got around to try these. I was thinking about grabbing a fiver off the devils site, but they arent cheap. Id love some first hand feed back on these...
  12. JBL11183

    iPad interface

    I was away for a little bit and didn't have access to the site. But I just want to say that I love theipad interface. I don't know how new it is because like I said I haven't been on a while but I just wanted to say Rod really made it nice on the iPad. Thanks Rod!!!
  13. JBL11183

    What's your favorite morning cigar

    For me cigars taste different at different times of the day. I was just wondering what everyone's favorite stick with their morning coffee... Some of my buddies at the shop swear by their Connecticut shade in the morning. I tend to go towards the Opus XXX for my morning drive or a padron 26...
  14. JBL11183

    Opus Lost City Rubustos and CigarBid

    I won a three pack of Lost City robustos on cbid and they only sent me two... I emailed customer service and said they only sent me two and I paid for 3. They got right back to me right away and apologized and said they were sending me the extra right away. The next day they sent me another 3...
  15. JBL11183

    Opus's keep going out

    I feel like everytime I smoke an opus it goes out so quickly. I keep all my sticks between 65-67 RH and I'm a fairly fast smoker. I tend to smoke the smaller vitolas of the Opus line and I feel like I spend half the time smoking them I puffing like a mad man to keep it lit or relighting it. I...
  16. JBL11183

    Second Growth Cigars

    I just got an email fro a b&m I frequent about these cigars. I see that they have a pretty steep price tag, and wondered if anyone has had them before. I am thinking about grabbing a few to try. They have them for $38.00 for singles and $760.00 for the whole box. If anyone else is interested...
  17. JBL11183

    What's your go to smoke?

    What's your go to cigar? I don't necessarily mean the one you smoke to celebrate you 50th wedding anniversary. I mean the one(or two or three for that matter)cigar(s) that you always have to have in the humidor. The cigars that you find yourself smoking the most offen. The cigars that you...
  18. JBL11183


    My cousin is going to Aruba on Monday and is a fellow cigar lover. I told him I would ask you guys if anyone knows where he can pick up some sticks out there. I told him to be real careful because alot of place cell fakes and what not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. JBL11183

    Don Pepin Garcia My Father Le Bijou petite robusto

    I have smoked at least 5 or 6 of these in the past week and I must say these are just down right great. I am not that great at writing reviews, but I am finishing smoking one of these little "jewels" as I write this, and all I can say is wow. The draw is a little tighter than I usually prefer...
  20. JBL11183

    Spin Off on the Knife topic

    I happen to be a knife guy and loved reading all the posts about what knives everyone carries and all the other info..It got me wondering, what do you guys do for sharpening, what tools and methods do you guys use...I am a nooB when it comes to it and Id love some suggestions