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  1. madurotrout

    Looking for advice.

    I know some of the guys here are into home brewing. I have zero experience and knowledge about this subject. I am looking for a starter kit that is not too pricey, but not something where I have to replace or upgrade everything if I decide to get into yet another hobby. :) Here is what I am...
  2. madurotrout

    Padron Event in Baltimore County 9/24.

    I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that a local shop(Baltimore Metro Area) is having a Padron Event towards the end of September.  The Humidour Cigar Shoppe is located in Cockeysville, which is in Northern Baltimore County.  It is not difficult to find this place.    It is right off the...
  3. madurotrout

    Flippin' Easter Bunny!

    He got me good. :). For a guy who was kind of on the fence...I now believe. Thank you John!
  4. madurotrout

    What Is On Your Radar Right Now?

    I am just curious as to what my fellow BOTL are interested in at the moment.  Many of us smoked better sticks over the holidays, may have been given something new from your Secret Santa or a Cigar Pass, or just picked up a new fiver to sample.  What is something different that you are...
  5. madurotrout

    Calling All Padron Fans!

    I have thought about starting this thread for a while, and I think January 1st would be the perfect day to start a thread where Padron Fans can discuss and share their love for their favorite cigar. I considered adding to the 64/26 Reference thread, but decided against it. I did not want to...
  6. madurotrout

    Christmas Smokes.

    Merry Christmas from Maryland. Sunny and low 50's today after 60's and steady rain all day yesterday. Santa came a day early to our house this year. My wife is a nurse, and drew the wonderful shifts of Christmas Eve night and Christmas Day night. Her hospital only has one holiday requirement...
  7. madurotrout

    Sunday Morning Ramblings.

    Ten random thoughts this morning.  Go...   Where have you gone Lew Rothman?  You are missed.  His sales catalogs were an anxiously awaited and a must read.  The JR catalog was a better read than any magazine on the market then, or currently.  I remember reading on their forum years ago where...
  8. madurotrout

    Feeling Under The Weather & Cigars.

    We have all been here.  You are not feeling the best, but you would like to enjoy a cigar.   Every fall my allergies cause problems for my sinuses.  The normal pattern is that my sinuses drain creating a sinus infection which then leads to a round of antibiotics.  I have started to feel bad the...
  9. madurotrout

    What Do You Have Lined Up For The Labor Day Weekend?

    Three day weekend? What cigars do you have lined up for the weekend? Anything new? Something you have been waiting to try? New beer(s)? Any special menus or grill ideas? Cheers!
  10. madurotrout

    I May Have Found A New Girlfriend!

    As you may have read from my introduction, I have slowed down on my cigar purchasing and smoking.  The last couple of years I have been purchasing five packs online.  I have decided to get back into the hobby/lifestyle.   For the last couple of years, my steady girl has been the Bolivar...