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  1. DeputyDawg

    Schwarzenegger and Fallon on smoking cigars together

    That was funny. Thanks for sharing it.
  2. DeputyDawg

    Souldog sad news

    I too have not been on here for a while and decided to check in. Found this post and still cannot believe it. I did not know him well but we PM'd a couple of times due to our being in the same line of work. He had a good heart and I would consider him a brother in arms. He seemed so full of life...
  3. DeputyDawg

    McClelland's Frog Morton

    This is one of two FM's I have tried. I Like it as well and have a Poker dedicated to this blend. When I first opened the tin I told my wife that I thought I had just wasted $14. But it turns out I really liked it.   I want to try FM Cellar as well. The reviews I have read on it are positive.  ...
  4. DeputyDawg

    Happy 43rd Birthday Dave (kona1000)

    Happy belated Birthday Dave. Hope you had some fine scotch and a good cigar to celebrate.
  5. DeputyDawg

    damn... Paul Walker died

    Sad when a person of his caliber, who was involved in various charities, dies so young. Just so glad no one else was injured or killed in the crash.
  6. DeputyDawg

    Back Home

    Welcome back. Thanks for all you and your family have done for all of us.   Glad to hear some of your stock may make it. Also it is good to have a good support system in place. Sounds like you do.
  7. DeputyDawg


    Very nice litter of pups you have there. They are just like kids, each with their own personality. I would say enjoy them, but I can tell you will.
  8. DeputyDawg

    Never, Ever Give Up. Arthur's Inspirational Transformation.

    What an inspiration he is. Always believe in yourself even though others would hold you back. And the fact he is a Vet just adds to it.   Thanks for sharing this.
  9. DeputyDawg

    How cool is this?!

    That was an awesome gesture. And very nice to get a letter from the recipient of your generosity,
  10. DeputyDawg

    Wow, 6 years!

    Congratulations on your anniversary. Here is to 6 more.
  11. DeputyDawg

    A True Friend

    Too funny pug. Thanks for sharing.
  12. DeputyDawg

    One final ashtray

    Wow. What an epic undertaking. Fantastic idea. Please keep us updated on your progress.   That's quite a piece of wood your are building it out of. What kind are you using?   Good luck.
  13. DeputyDawg

    Pipesmagazine.com 2013 Chicago Show Report

    Nice write up nismo. Enjoyed the article. Wish I could go sometime. Will be attending the show in Columbus, Ohio in August this year.
  14. DeputyDawg

    The journey begins...

    I think you did a great job on your first restro. The pipe turned out awesome.   Have you chosen your first tobacco to smoke in it yet?
  15. DeputyDawg

    Memorial Day, a long time ago

    Doc, thanks for sharing your story with us. I wish more people realized the reason for the Holiday and not as a three day weekend. I attend our annual parade every year in my hometown and am proud of the Vets in our community. Both my mother and father were Air Force veterans.   A heartfelt...
  16. DeputyDawg

    Upgrades this week

    Thanks Rod for all the work you do to keep this site running great and providing a place to hang out.
  17. DeputyDawg

    Looks like I missed my Anny....

    Happy anniversary  TP. Have something special in celebration.   You always make things interesting here and your video reviews are da bomb.
  18. DeputyDawg

    Look Who I Ran Into Today....

    Which one is Ron Jeremy?!!   (Just kidding Gary) :laugh:
  19. DeputyDawg

    Happy Birthday CigarPass!

    Happy Birthday CP. Again, thanks Rod, for all you do with this site.