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  1. Not A Nice Person

    COVID-19 vaccine, you getting it?

    I would proffer the thought here that a pandemic that's killed over half a million of us and the means to fight it being seen as "politics" and as having "sides" is a huge part of the problem in this country that's necessitated Cigar Pass having a "no politics" rule in the first place. I'll...
  2. Not A Nice Person

    COVID-19 vaccine, you getting it?

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Sorry, bro. Sometimes the level of sheer fragility as to what counts as "political" here catches me by surprise. My bad. ~Boar
  3. Not A Nice Person

    COVID-19 vaccine, you getting it?

    "Believe." :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: That's the cool thing about science: it's true whether you believe in it or not. ~Boar
  4. Not A Nice Person

    COVID-19 vaccine, you getting it?

    Had my first shot of Moderna last Friday. As a teacher, even down here at the ass end of the highway in Texas, once the HHS added us to the priority list there was only a 12 hour wait time between my signing up online & getting my vaccination appointment via text message. The Biden...
  5. Not A Nice Person

    Guidance on a few bourbons

    As far as #3 goes, for reasonably priced bourbons I'm fond of Woodford Reserve, Elijah Craig & 1792 Ridgemont Reserve. I liked Buffalo Trace when we could get it here but I haven't seen it on local shelves for quite some time. Weller & Old Forrester are at the bottom range "how cheap is still...
  6. Not A Nice Person

    The Bar

    Yay! Necropost! Currently my bar shelf is tailored to just me & features mostly "handles." 🤣 Vodka: Reyka. Great mixer; good enough for martinis Tequila: Not at the moment. I like Milagro though. Bourbon: Woodford Reserve & Elijah Craig. I add Blanton's, Walking Stick, WR Double Oaked & George...
  7. Not A Nice Person

    What's on your plate today?

    I more or less followed this one: Butter Chicken I tend to be a little "that looks about right" when it comes to measuring things, and I used all ghee, no olive oil & left out the fenugreek leaves because WTF? 😂 Also used Half & Half instead of heavy cream. Thinking next time around I will...
  8. Not A Nice Person

    What's on your plate today?

    First attempt. Seven distinct cooking steps. Shitload of unfamiliar spices. Achievement unlocked: Spicy Butter Chicken. ~Boar
  9. Not A Nice Person


    Everybody's going to have their own taste. Shows I've really enjoyed there: Sense8 Stranger Things The Crown Babylon Berlin The Punisher Jessica Jones Travellers Altered Carbon The Umbrella Academy I Am Not Okay With This Barbarians Mindhunters Warrior Nun Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 & The...
  10. Not A Nice Person

    Quick and Easy Recipes

    Sacrilege! 😂 It's GOT to be Welch's Concord Grape JELLY or it's not a real PB & J! ~Boar
  11. Not A Nice Person

    Quick and Easy Recipes

    If you dial back just a bit on the peanut butter amount & replace the oyster sauce with lime juice (as a substitute for lemongrass) you've got a classic Thai curry. I stumbled across nearly the same combo of ingredients you've got there years back trying to make Thai coconut-peanut soup at home...
  12. Not A Nice Person

    Quick and Easy Recipes

    I have a lot of "what's in the fridge?" pasta meals & stir fries that I can throw together deliciously & quickly (frozen cheese tortellini is da bomb!) but my most frequent meal is salmon & asparagus, done all sorts of different ways but always just a simple prep & 20 minutes in the oven...
  13. Not A Nice Person

    Happy birthday AVB!

    Light 'em, Ray. ~Boar
  14. Not A Nice Person

    Hank Proia RIP Devil Doc.

    Oh no. 😢 Cattle die, kinsmen die We ourselves die too One thing I know that doesn't die The good name we leave behind. Fare forth brightly, Hank "Devil Doc" Proia. May your ancestors welcome you with joy into their bright company. We're sure gonna miss you here. ~Boar
  15. Not A Nice Person

    Today's Smoke 2021

    Fuente Don Carlos #2. My regular site had tenners on sale, and I realized it had been YEARS since I'd last smoked one. Just as good & satisfying a smoke as I remember. ~Boar
  16. Not A Nice Person

    What's on your plate today?

    Brisket, ranch beans, baked potato salad. Later I'll have Belgian apple pie (the kind with walnuts & caramel) a la mode. ~Boar
  17. Not A Nice Person

    The best man I've ever known died tonight

    May your ancestors welcome him into their bright halls with rejoicing. He's done them proud. Sorry for your loss. ~Boar
  18. Not A Nice Person

    What coffee did you drink today?

    Just an update .... the Ruta Maya espresso roast was very good, but it wasn't quite "it." The iced coffees, while tasty, were not the same as the ones I'd had in pho joints. So. I bought a can of Cafe du Monde dark roast with chicory. THAT'S the one. Absolutely purist perfect. ~Boar