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  1. CoventryCat86

    Justin Verlander traded to the Astros

    WOW! The Houston Astros acquired Detroit's starting pitcher Justin Verlander on August 31, less than an hour before the deadline to be able to pitch for the Astros in the post season. For me as an Astros fan for the past 44 years, this is huge! Verlander has been with the Tigers for all of...
  2. CoventryCat86

    KC Royals in FIRST place on May 1st?

    So, will they keep it up and finish in first or wind up where they always do? :laugh: Looks like they dropped a 1/2 game out by the close of business on May 1st BUT they started the day in FIRST PLACE and I honestly can't remember the last time I saw the Royals in first place after the first...
  3. CoventryCat86

    How long before Rod bans punk?

    CP's latest asshat! << (clicky) Anyone notice something strange going on here? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  4. CoventryCat86

    Happy Birthday Josh!

    Happy Birthday Josh! Hey, if you're REAL nice to me, I just MIGHT be able to find ya a pair of tickets for that sold out Dropkick Murphys' show at the Webster next month...... :whistling:
  5. CoventryCat86


    carmike24 sent me a VERY NICE bomb with some of my absolute favorite cigars. Thank you very much sir, I will enjoy each and every one of them! :thumbs: :love:
  6. CoventryCat86

    Chicago White Sox

    So whadda think? I say the Sox will win the division and play whoever wins the AL East in the first round. Whoever comes in 2nd, whether it be Minnesota or the Sox will NOT make the playoffs because Boston and Tampa Bay are just too far out in front in the Wild Card race. I looked ahead at...
  7. CoventryCat86

    Happy Birthday Shadow!

    Happy Birthday Bill! It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated your 50th! :0 Dig down deep in one of your 20 or so coolerdors and find a nice old Havana. :p
  8. CoventryCat86

    Thanks BrewMeister!

    Recently, I sent Tim a PM asking if he wanted to do a trade. I asked him if it would be okay if I sent him some cigars then he would send a package of some of his favorite cigars for me to try since lately, I've been wanting to try some different cigars. A long time ago, Tim and I had...
  9. CoventryCat86

    Buncha fargen iceholes.....

    I get home today to find my huge rural mail box in shambles with two incredible bombs from DeVonn and my "cousin" :laugh: jnknzz. Knowing the way this place works, I'm in big trouble. Something tells me this is a sign of things to come...... :0 A big "THANK YOU" to these two fine gentlemen...
  10. CoventryCat86

    Super Tuesday!

    Tomorrow (no I mean today) is Super Tuesday and I think 22 states are holding presidential primaries. I'm the Registrar of Voters in my town so I have to get up in 3 1/2 hours and work the freakin' polls ALL day, 5:15 am until well after 9:00 pm. :rolleyes: Lucky for all of you, I probably...
  11. CoventryCat86

    Port Ellen 25yo (1979) Old Malt Cask

    Being a huge Islay fan, I wanted to get my hands on a bottle of Port Ellen to try. The Port Ellen distillery has been shut down for quite some time and finding a bottle of Port Ellen is getting harder and harder every day. According to my Michael Jackson book, the "Adjoining the distillery is...
  12. CoventryCat86

    Okay you computer heads

    I have an old Hewlett Packard Pavilion that runs Windows 98 that I want to keep running because I like to run FoxPro which I cannot load on to a Windows 2000 or higher computer. My hard drive has pretty much shit the bed, and I need a new one, I keep getting error messages and when I try and...
  13. CoventryCat86

    Thanks ashauler!

    I know ashauler from another board and he had offered to send me some Cusanos to try since there was a thread back about eight months ago on the subject and I had completely forgotten about the discussion. So Jamie not only sends me some Cusanos BUT a few extra hitchhikers must have "fallen"...
  14. CoventryCat86

    Operation Old Fart

    What the HECK is going on here? ??? Someone from zip code "07345" is in LOTS of trouble! :laugh: (A non-existent zip code, LMAO!) All I can say is WOW !!! Do I get to KEEP all of this? :laugh: THANK YOU kind sir, you have left me at a complete loss of words and that's a huge accomplishment...
  15. CoventryCat86

    Yule party, western Connecticut

    Saturday, December 22nd, 7:00 pm 25 Sandstrom Road, New Preston, CT. "Dress up" party BUT don't feel you have to if you don't want to. I have a top coat w/ tails and a big ole derby :laugh: and the lady of the house has a kick ass ball gown she'll be wearing: Lots of food, drink and good...
  16. CoventryCat86

    Stiff Little Fingers

    This past Wednesday, I had a chance to see Stiff Little Fingers, an old school punk band from Northern Ireland! They've been around since the 1970s and they were doing the 30th anniversary tour of their first album 'Inflammable Material" and they played every song from that album (except the...
  17. CoventryCat86

    The fire in North Carolina

    I don't know if any of you heard about the terrible tragedy in Ocean Isle, North Carolina this past weekend but seven college students died in a horrible house fire at a beach house there. Six were students from the University of South Carolina and the seventh was a student at Clemson...
  18. CoventryCat86

    I got a chance to meet eBay CEO Meg Whitman last night!

    On Tuesday, October 9th, eBay CEO Meg Whitman hosted a fund raiser in Greenwich, CT for Mitt Romney. Mitt wasn't there but she was the "draw." It was a fairly small crowd of 50 to 60 or so and she made it a point to talk to everyone there and gave a very nice speech/presentation on Romney's...
  19. CoventryCat86

    How about the Colorado Rockies!

    Holy momma! :0 The Colorado Rockies came out of absolutely nowhere to make it to the post season. Since the Mets blew their way out of everything today, the Rockies will play the Padres in a one game playoff tomorrow to decide the NL Wild Card and the winner will go on and play the Phillies...