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  1. Ymmit07

    Padron x000 Natty/Maddy?

    Ok just a little background. All of the padron's I have had the pleasure of enjoying have been maduros. What I am wondering is there a significant differance between them? Not taste, but more constructiion? I pulled out my 2000 natural from newb sampler for my evening smoke. It could have...
  2. Ymmit07

    Happy Easter my B/SOTL

    Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all have safe travels and a swell day with wonderful food and a great cigar to top off the day! Tim.
  3. Ymmit07

    Gone I say! Just GONE!

    So I had a slip from my post lady to pick up a parcel which I knew it was my NEWB sampler. So since i worked late yesterday i was able to get off early today so I went right o the post office. The POL says oh you'll probably;y get another slip for this one. I said oh ok. I spared no one! Walked...
  4. Ymmit07


    So I am wondering. I went to my local Post Office today after work to pick up some items..... :whistling: .....and I inquired about sending Adult beverages. I was told it is a Federal Offense and if the box is even a box from a said beverage type they have to open it and inspect it and that it...
  5. Ymmit07

    My Wifes fingers

    Well I came home to my Wife screaming about her fingers being blown off!! Boy was she PO'd! I told her it I shall retaliate with NEWBDELTAFARCE!!!! Thanks Jtuttle!!! Not sure I deserve such a nice package!!! It will surely be enjoyed. Tim
  6. Ymmit07

    Well Me & Mac 12

    Well I picked up a 750 of Mac 12 today while shopping at Costco and a case of COORS LIGHT ;) :p . I was actually quite excited to get home and try some of the Mac 12 with my Perdomo Lot 23, Which i did. I have to say it must be a acquired taste or take some getting used to cause I'm not a fan...
  7. Ymmit07

    How do you keep track?

    So now that i have a nice fondness to the Padron's i been pondering how t keep track of them as Padron does not put anything on their band. From what i have seen only the higher end ones have different bands with the Padron name and what it "is". I know the x000's vary in size but they have...
  8. Ymmit07

    Arturo Fuente Grand Resrve Maduro

    Well after deciding on which sun grown to try from those who suggested I chose the Fuente Chateau Fuente Sun Grown. The setting was sunset time although cloudy. Temp was 47*. It was quite pleasant listening to all the birds. Mainly flocks of geese and seagulls and a lot of them but pleasant...
  9. Ymmit07

    Sun vs. Shade Grown

    Yes i did a search. :cool: I guess what i am looking for is your input on what you think of the two? I was told sun grown isn't as good as shade so i am looking for some experienced BOTL's input. I know 100% of it is personal preference, but i am just a inquiring looking to learn. Tim
  10. Ymmit07

    1st Padron 2000 & 3000

    Well i said i would post my thought on the Padron i was recommended. I don't think everyone needs to know the specifics seeing everyone pretty much knows them. Padron 2000 Slightly dark wrapper, but WOW what a amazing smoke!!! it was Phenomenal!!! I wanna give a personal thank you to those who...
  11. Ymmit07

    What on tap for your weekend smokes?

    What on tap for your weekend smoke? I have a Cusano 18yr aged & gonna stop a the local shop on my way home tomorrow. I'm just curious what everyone has for a line up for the weekend smokes. Any recommendations? Cheers to all! Tim
  12. Ymmit07

    Anxiously awaiting for the arrival of

    Well as most can see i am new to the game. I am looking for some feed back on the humidor i purchased. I have done quite a bit of reading and only see a few post regarding the place i bought from. Seeing i am new to the game and wish i would have found this Gem of Knowledge before i bought t so...
  13. Ymmit07

    Nitro Selection Sampler

    Whats up guys/gals? Well yes i am new to the cigar world and i am trying to venture out and try new cigars with out breaking the bank right away. The reviews on here have been quite informative, very helpful, & much appreciated for those who take the time to write reviews. What i am wondering is...