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  1. Franco593

    DPG El Centurion

    I received the new Cigar Aficionado yesterday and started flipping through it. Saw a two page add with Pepin on one side and El Centurion on the other. I vaguely remember something about a re-issue but thats it. Any news/Feedback on this stick?   I still have a few of the first issue and guard...
  2. Franco593

    Ok you Son's of Biatches

    Ok you Mo Fo’s. Enough is enough. Last night I get home from work and change into my work clothes to thatch the lawn and then throw the first treatment down.   I get done just before dark and am inside my garage. I put my foot on this crate in my garage to unlace my boots and as I looking down I...
  3. Franco593

    This is total Bull$hit!

    OK...there is no Sneeds bomber...but someone hit me hard today. I see who's profile lurking. Bastids!!   Thank you and you're dead...
  4. Franco593

    Happy Birthday Nasty Los!

    Enjoy bro!
  5. Franco593

    Good shops in Boulder/Denver area?

    My niece who lives in that area wants to go to a reputable shop and buy her husband a nice sampler. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks Frank
  6. Franco593

    Pop up's?

    Rod, Every time I log in today I get this window opening up. Something new? anyone else have this happeneing?
  7. Franco593

    If Beedogs had a football team

    their uniforms would look like this...My God I'm a Steeler fan but these throw back threads suck ass.
  8. Franco593

    And I thought I hated country music

  9. Franco593

    Four Kicks Cigars

    Heard some good stuff on these smokes but have yet to grab one....anyone have any feedback?
  10. Franco593

    Pipe stands

    Gents, Looking for a pipe stand for a shorter type Briar pipe. Nothing fancy...any recommendations ?
  11. Franco593

    Kindle E reader

    Looking at getting my daughter a Kindle Touch for Christmas. Not considering the Fire as it's overkill she has a Iphone and a good Mac... Going to use for reading only. Any good ,bad feedback out there?
  12. Franco593

    3 Years Today

    Three years ago today I found this place and asked a question about bringing cigars into Italy. I was politely answered and then asked to fill out my intro by Gary…( bastard) It wasn’t long after that I ordered my Newb Sampler and The Orangeman sent me sliding down that “Slippery Slope” he...
  13. Franco593

    This could be interesting

  14. Franco593

    You Suck Jayro75

    I'm not going to get into the long drawn out "OMG someone blew my house up" piece of fiction that we sometimes read here. But suffice it to say Jason Robbins handed me my ass today when I got home with a little birthday package. Thank you're a class act. Frank
  15. Franco593

    Happy Birthday Nick (TheOrangeman)

    Enjoy your day Nick...I pretty much have you to blame for this slippery slope as you sold me my Noob sampler and was hooked ever since. Have fun bro!
  16. Franco593

    Myrtle Beach Golf

    Gents, I’m looking at going to Myrtle Beach with my father some time in Sept/Oct to play some golf. It’s been almost 15 years since I’ve last been there and was wondering if anyone could recommend some courses. I know it’s hard to go wrong there but I’m looking for a good bang for my buck and...
  17. Franco593

    Cp'ers make new issue of CA

    Just got the new issue of Cigar Aficianado and some of the boys are in there. Jayro75 ( Jason Robbins) has a great letter to the editor and in the Herf pictures in the back of the mag is Isy, Ironpeddler and Doc Wylie at Isy's place in Kingston. Way to go boys! :thumbs:
  18. Franco593

    Happy Birthday Lovetheleaf ( Chris)

    Happy Birthday Chris my brother..hope all is well !
  19. Franco593


    Rod, Having problems sending PM's from "compose new message" in my profile. I keep getting this message . Compose New Message The following errors were found You must enter a message title longer than 2 characters. Even though there is a not a box to put a message title in.
  20. Franco593

    Pepin Whore contest

    Ok…Over a year ago a good brother ( g-smoke) held a contest for anyone who had never smoked a Pepin Blend Cigar before. I won the contest by meeting the criteria below and Now I’m a Pepin Whore. Last Year I passed the contest forward and my buddy Sammy(In2xshp) won. This year I‘d like to do...