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  1. Breedy

    Finally Digging Out of the Rubble

    Received a time delayed bomb, that wrecked my HVAC and my kids tub drain.... Finally made it out of the rubble to post a thank you. Truthfully last week was terrible for me. Wasn't paying attention to my work schedule and end up working a ton. Didn't see the package until Sunday evening, but...
  2. Breedy

    Netflix Original "Stranger Things"

    Highly recommend it. Its a throw back to 80s', think Goonies meets X-Files with a dash of Silent Hill. It has funwith some of the 80s clichés, from the hot sister to completely clueless parents. It's eight episodes and very well done.
  3. Breedy

    Going to be in Las Vegas .....

    August 14th-18th for a conference. Should have one or two nights free, do we still have a Vegas contingent? Any cigar shops worth visiting other than Casa?
  4. Breedy

    Budget Pocket Knife Review

    Knives are a funny thing, similar to cigars, we often pay a premium to have a name brand.  That's not to say the high quality knives or cigars are not worth the price, just that sometimes a solid product at a good price point is what one needs...   ...or you lost one of your favorite knives and...
  5. Breedy

    Which box would you pick?

    Parameters: You have a budget of $400 dollars and are looking for a box of at least 20 cigars and plan to smoke one a year till they are gone. Both CC and Non-CC are in play... So what's it going to be?   UPDATE:     I am up for promotional at my Fire Department to the rank of Lieutenant. This...
  6. Breedy

    Happy Crispian's Day

    WESTMORELAND. O that we now had here But one ten thousand of those men in England That do no work to-day! KING. Whats he that wishes so? My cousin, Westmoreland? No, my fair cousin; If we are markd to die, we are enow To do our country loss; and if to live, The fewer men, the greater share of...
  7. Breedy

    50lb Box of Rope

    ....yes ROPE!!!   I thought I would pass this deal along.   50lbs of odd sized  1/2 inch Life Safety rope shipped to my door for $88.  It ships as "small sections" below is what I received     Back to Front, Left to Right   130 ft New England KM III,   120...
  8. Breedy

    Cutting the Cord on Cable

    We did it.   Some up front cost, but our monthly “cable” bill should go from $140 a month to $50.   We replaced Uverse (not available at our new house) with Over The Air HD, Ooma Telo and Netflix/Hulu and so far couldn’t be happier.   I lot of this hinges on 1.) living in the right spot for OTA...
  9. Breedy

    Blackfriday AR 15 The link takes you to Palmetto State Armory, they have rifle kits for $379. All you have to do is add a stripped lower receiver, which should be sub $150 locally. Out the door you are looking as less than $550, which is dirt cheap considering the specs...
  10. Breedy

    DIY Bicycle Hoist

    Having purchased a new home I need to find a place to store our bikes.  Having a fair amount of parts and pieces I decided to build my own hoists instead of purchasing a kit of Amazon. (Currently $17.10 w/ Prime for a single hoist)       I started with the the materials above.  I had to stop...
  11. Breedy

    6 Year Anniversary

    I logged on to CP for the first time in a bit and realized that my 6 year anniversary was right around the corner.   So here goes a little contest, answer the following questions correctly and win a prize 1.) What former CPer's disappearance has been blamed on me? 2.) Name 6 CPer's I have...
  12. Breedy

    Zombies Ate My Friends

    Avialable on both Android and IOS. Nothing super fancy game play wise and you burn through stamina very quickly.  Unless you want to drop some actually money on it you are going to have to set it down for a bit, which makes it perfect for killing time at work.    
  13. Breedy

    Wanted to say Thanks

    As I sit on patio tonight, unwinding from past week and a half, smoking a gifted cigar and a bourbon bought on a recommendation; I wanted to say thanks to Cigar Pass.
  14. Breedy

    Who else is sleepy this morning?

    Stayed up to watch Curiosity land on Mars. Way to go much for haters
  15. Breedy

    Up in the Sky, its a bird, no its a plane, no its....

    Helo-Kitty car.html#ixzz1wng5QHVV Words only go so far
  16. Breedy

    Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 15 minute Repair

    I picked my Masterbuilt Electric Smoker up at Cabela's in Wheeling 3-4 years ago with a boat load of coupons, gift cards and other savings and was out of pocket very little. It had worked well but had a difficult time with low temp smoking in the summer months (more on this later). It stopped...
  17. Breedy

    Doomsday Preppers

    The show preimered last night as far I know on NatGeo. U-verse already has it on demand and there is a new episode set up for Satuarday at 10pm. NatGeo Doomsday Preppers I just read Rod's doomsday thread and bam I saw this referenced on another board. Some really neat things and some utterly...
  18. Breedy

    View New Content

    How do I make it work? Doesn't want to work on Desktop, Laptop or Android based phone. I recall seeing.something to correct this but can't find the fix.
  19. Breedy

    Posting Options

    So where did all the buttons go for posting a link, picture, italics, bold, color, etc...etc... I mean I see "Poll" and "Post Options" over to the right, but they are not click able for me. The only options to the right that I can effect is to enable things or follow the topic. Whats the deal?
  20. Breedy

    Warrior Dash

    So my close friend, Punk_Lawyer threw out a challenge and as far as I know no one else has accepted. I ran the first Warrior Dash in Ohio and figured I would give a brief review to stir up some interest. The 2nd date is Sept 10th in Carrollton you can get more info HERE The Logan event had...