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  1. siriusstoogie

    Happy Birthday Anthony!

    All the best smokes for you on birthday! I hope retirement is treating you well! Best, Joe
  2. siriusstoogie

    Happy Birthday Anthony!

    Did I win? Have the fullest of the day and the New Year have to offer! Best, Joe
  3. siriusstoogie

    Better Call Saul

    I saw the first two episodes. They're pretty good! What do you guys think?
  4. siriusstoogie

    I'll take Seattle straight up-premium fivers

    One fiver of non-CC (pardon anni and family & opus) And a fiver of CC (Coronas and up) 2 bets, take one or take both.
  5. siriusstoogie

    Happy birthday ToneNY!

    Best of the day and the New Year to you! Did i win? [emoji12][emoji4]
  6. siriusstoogie

    Cold smoking salmon

    This evening, I'm cold smoking a salmon fillet that I brined with salt and sugar mixture since yesterday. I did a DIY cold smoker. I'm using apple wood chips. I am hopeful that this will turn out good for the bagel and lox breakfast i have in mind tomorrow! [emoji14] For the more seasoned cold...
  7. siriusstoogie

    Congrats Giants!

    Great game! Great series!
  8. siriusstoogie

    It's been a while since I'm in NYC herf

    Anyone able to herf on Tuesday the 21st? My flight comes in at 3 PM in JFK. I figure sans the storm you just had I can über to Manhattan by 5pm--6 at the latest. I'll be staying in Ft. Lee. I hope to see some if not all of you locals. Thank you! Joe
  9. siriusstoogie

    FYI-Moving to SoCal next week

    Thank you to my MPLS friends! Not saying goodbye but see all later. Anyone named Todd want to Herf? :D :sign:
  10. siriusstoogie

    Houston crew, Are you up for a herf?

    Just booked an April travel to Houston. I'm coming in on the 8th and will be available around 3pm or 4pm on the 10th (Wednesday). I'm staying at the Medical center CPUs and can cab or even walk to that place we herf last near Rice U. I hope this can work out! :) Best, Joe
  11. siriusstoogie

    Outlaw Padron Event May 17-18

    I'm booked to go who else is going? Rudy? Rudy? Rudy??? :D
  12. siriusstoogie

    BBQ Herf Today-starts at noon

    If you're in the Twin Cities metro today, let's herf! My house. PM me for directions.
  13. siriusstoogie

    A Very Happy Day!

    Fellas, today is my birthday but I share with you a happy day not because of it. Some of you may know that my oldest son enlisted with the USMC. He began his journey with boot camp in early March. We had received news that India Company successfully completed their Crucible and had their...
  14. siriusstoogie

    Visiting Houston 4/13-17

    Flight arriving around 4:30 pm on the 13th. Any locals want to suggest places to smoke? I'm staying at the Hilton Americas. No car but can cab it as long as its not too spendy. Free most evenings/ nights except Saturday. If you can spare a few hours lets herf, too! TIA Best, Joe
  15. siriusstoogie

    SFO 3/18-20

    Free early evenings for locals to burn a stick or two. I hope your schedule allow for a herf or two. :) LMK via pm. Thanks, Joe
  16. siriusstoogie

    Outlaw Padron 2012

    I'm getting itchy. Will I see the usual suspects? Will there be fresh blood? Discuss...
  17. siriusstoogie

    Contest- SuperBowl Pool Related

    I will put up the two sticks needed for a box in the CP Superbowl pool if a newbie (sign up from 8/2011 to present with @ least 10 posts) in good standing can post my favorite admonition to a$$hats over the years. Hint, it can be summarized in 4 letters! First post wins. The winner can then...
  18. siriusstoogie

    Merry Christmas CP

    Tis the season! I hope you enjoy your loved ones. :thumbs:
  19. siriusstoogie

    SFO Next Week

    Anyone wants to meet up for a smoke? Arriving Sunday leaving Friday. Pls let me know. Thx.
  20. siriusstoogie

    Anyone in Vegas for a smoke?

    I'll be in town for 6 nights starting now. :D I'll be visiting CF among other places. PM me if you're able to. :thumbs: Best, Joe