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  1. :Monty:

    CPFFL Year 7

    Hey guys, I need PP info to send my dough.
  2. :Monty:

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2016

    I'm in if you guys still have room. Not sure if jonesy is hosting the other cpffbl league this year.
  3. :Monty:

    CPFFL Year 6..Full!

    I'm in!
  4. :Monty:

    CPFFL Year 6..Full!

    Woohoo. Big night tonight
  5. :Monty:

    CPFFL Year 5 we are full!

    So are we doing cigars or cash this year?
  6. :Monty:

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2014

    Am I in this league?
  7. :Monty:

    CP Fantasy Football 2 - 2015*FULL

    I can't remember if I'm in this league or the other one....i believe this will be our 5th season? Some of the same names in this leagues as the other just confused. Help...I want to play
  8. :Monty:

    CPFFL Year 5 we are full!

    Hey haven't been active here but definitely in for this year! Looking forward to giving you guys my money!
  9. :Monty:

    The Jonesy Pretty Penny Pass #2

    Man, I need to show up back here more often. Looks like I missed a good one! Have fun fellas.
  10. :Monty:

    Tatuaje Jason

    Nice! Great to see you back in action Greg!
  11. :Monty:

    Davidoff Nicaragua

    I'm in love with the tubo robusto. Unfortunately like most relationships, we might have to break up over money. :)
  12. :Monty:

    CPFFL 2013 Year 4

    Congrats guys. Great season! Jonesy, thanks for running the league...another great year!
  13. :Monty:

    CPFFL 2013 Year 4

  14. :Monty:

    CPFFL 2013 Year 4

    Anyone need a QB? I could use a running back
  15. :Monty:

    CPFFL 2013 Year 4

    I'm in!!
  16. :Monty:

    Golf recommendations in Naples FL?

    Going down to get out of the cold with a few buddies. We have Tiburon lined up but looking for a couple recommendations. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  17. :Monty:

    CPFFL2012 Year 3 Draft Sun Aug 26th 7pm EST

    Funds have arrived safely. Thanks again Brian, great season all!
  18. :Monty:

    CPFFL2012 Year 3 Draft Sun Aug 26th 7pm EST

    Same, I sent mine on Tuesday. Great win Jake! Thanks againfor hosting Jonesy!
  19. :Monty:

    CPFFL2012 Year 3 Draft Sun Aug 26th 7pm EST

    Great season guys. I thought it was going to be closer seeing as I was up 30 points going into Sunday! SOS showed the dominance he had all season. Jonesy, thanks again for organizing. Can't wait til next year!!!
  20. :Monty:

    CPFFL2012 Year 3 Draft Sun Aug 26th 7pm EST

    Ha! Missed this somehow. What a miserable week that was for both teams. So how do the playoffs work? The projected is showing the top 4 teams not the best two from each divisionn