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  1. PuroEsq

    Colorado Springs, CO

    Anyone interested in meeting up or at the very least suggesting some place one might be able to purchase and smoke a cigar?
  2. PuroEsq

    Lets Burn One in Humbolt County

    Going to be in Eureka on the 19th and 20th ... any BOTL/SOTL near there? Go to this link -------> CP Herfs
  3. PuroEsq

    Eureka, CA

    OK I had better clarify that statement :laugh: I am going to be up in Eureka, CA on business Thursday, February 19, 2009 (evening) and Friday February 20, 2009 (all day) Looking for any BOTL/SOTL interested in meeting up for a CIGAR. If nobody is available ... any good places to buy/smoke a...
  4. PuroEsq

    Have this problem?

    My wife and I are having difficulties with the "Daughter v.16.0" operating system. We have had this program for many years and it operated just fine until the v.12.5 upgrade. Consistently the additional upgrades (v.13, v.14, v.15) have had numerous and increasing bugs and errors. We attempted to...
  5. PuroEsq

    Cigar Shops in Los Angeles

    I will be in the Century City area of Los Angeles on January 5th for an afternoon mediation. Thinking of taking a later flight so I can check out a local cigar shop. I will flying in and out of LAX. Where should I go? I have "Googled" some but have no clue. I see Lone Wolf, Cohiba, Hollywood...
  6. PuroEsq


    It has been a really crappy week so far - with the distinct exception of receiving my SS08 package. :love: Satuday morning the wife is up at 5:30am getting ready for work. I am, of course, sleeping soundly as it is my day off. I hear her dressing in the room and wonder why she left the shower...
  7. PuroEsq

    A good reason to drink beer

    I recently received this froma friend. It is a scene from Cheers where Cliff is telling Norm why it is good to drink beer. In one episode of 'Cheers', Cliff is seated at the bar describing the Buffalo Theory to his buddy, Norm. I don't think I've ever heard the concept explained any better...
  8. PuroEsq

    A Different Christmas Poem

    I received this from a friend. Although I have never served myself I have many family members who have and always had the most profound respect and admiration for those who serve our country. The embers glowed softly, and in their dim light, I gazed round the room and I cherished the sight...
  9. PuroEsq

    David Blaine Stunt

    waste of time! I saw the stunt on the news this morning and I was totally unimpressed. Hanging upside down for 60 hours? NOT. Taking 20 minute breaks every hour ... my grandmother could do that. Then that totally anti-climactic "dive of death" was about as stupid as could be. YAWN. Stick...
  10. PuroEsq

    Now THAT is how you do it!

    I love it! Shows you that allowing law abiding citizens to carry firearms PREVENTS crime. Armed 85-Year-Old Makes Intruder Call 911
  11. PuroEsq

    GPS for my car

    I am going to be purchasing a portable GPS for the car. I have seen many brands out there but do not know that much about them. So of course I thouht I would tap the knowledge pool here. I do not need the top-o-the-line version but also do not want a crappy bargain basement model either...
  12. PuroEsq

    Announcement ... FYI

    Hello BOTL & SOTL: I have been a member here for some time although I tend to follow the rule of "read more post less". You have known me, until recently, as JAEwing. When I joined I had no clue what "handle" to give myself so I chose the not very original and not very creative initials and...
  13. PuroEsq


    I will attempt to tap into the unrivaled "Brain-Trust" that we have here on CP and ask what is probably a simple an stupid question. I recently added anoher computer to the house for my daughter's primary use. She has iTunes and an iPod (thanks to the grandparents) and wants to transfer all of...
  14. PuroEsq

    Prayers and Good Thoughts Needed

    EDIT: I had breakfast with my cousin Mel this morning. He shared with me pictures of the "scans" of his head and the tumor. Well there is some good news. While he still has the tumor and will require surgery, chemo and radiation ... the tumor is growing from the bone in his scull and not "in"...
  15. PuroEsq

    Dumb Question

    I see many of our members have thin banners at the bottom of a post in the signature area indicating such things as "I Love Redheads", "Crown Royal Drinker", and the brands of cigars they smoke. How does one go about getting those and placing them in their own messages? Or is this a "secret...
  16. PuroEsq

    Illinois Campus Shooting

    Just saw this headline and my thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected. However this is not a thread started to start a prayer chain although that would not be a bad idea. My thouht immediatley after reading this headline (I have not read the story yet) is that we have the media to...
  17. PuroEsq

    New Car Opinions Please

    Any opinions on any of these cars. I may be looking soon and those have caught my eye so far. Thanks. - Jason
  18. PuroEsq

    How stupid are these people?

    Seems legit ... I just sent him my address, bank account info and social secrutiy number. I will keep you all informed when I get my check! :laugh:
  19. PuroEsq

    Lagavulin 16 yr

    Well I have been wanting to try different scotches. Apparently my staff (2 paralegals and 2 secretaries) found out about this and all pitched in for a bottle. They gave me Lagavulin 16 yr single malt. I have tried it and it liked it very much. I would like to hear from some of the experts here...
  20. PuroEsq

    Dumb and Dumberer

    Current bid at CBid is $211.00 Cigar Bid Current bid at cigarauctioneer is $139.00 Cigar Auctioneer For the same item!! At least cigarauctioneer states the MSRP at $110.00. Wonder how high it will go and who will pay more :laugh: