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  1. bigmanfromou

    I've turned up like a bad penny

    Well hello all. Sorry haven't been around in quite awhile. Moving, super commuting, a slight health scare have been taking up all of my spare time. Got laid off and things are finally slowing down a bit. Hope everyone is well. It will be great getting caught up again. Love, peace, and...
  2. bigmanfromou

    VA vs MD

     I've been back in Ohio for 1.5 years and neither my wife (her idea) or I are not happy with the move. We have both decided that heading back East this coming summer would be best. I'm trying to decide if we are going back to Maryland or if Northern Virginia would be a better fit. I've worked in...
  3. bigmanfromou

    Just send the pigeons

    This is funny, weird,  and amazing all wrapped into one.
  4. bigmanfromou

    65 cases of PVW 20yo stolen

    Has it really come to this?      
  5. bigmanfromou

    I went to the mailbox to get an expected shipment and there was an extra box. Upon opening, I discovered an AWESOME birthday gift from Randy.   Sir, I am  COMPLETELY blown away.    I don't even know if "thank you", even covers it, but thank you VERY much.    
  6. bigmanfromou

    You know who you are and what you did!

    Poor maillady, nor my mailbox will never recover from that.   Thank you kindly.  :thumbs:
  7. bigmanfromou

    Late notice DC/Baltimore trip

    This is certainly last min notice, but I'll be back in MD/DC this weekend. If anyone has time on Friday or Saturday let's get together for a smoke.
  8. bigmanfromou


    Odd story about too much of a good thing.
  9. bigmanfromou

    Glenfiddich 50 - $27000

    I was watching the news and saw this story about a gentlemen that purchased a bottle of Glenfiddich 50 for $27,000. At first, I was thinking, "good for him." Then, I decided to do some quick internet shopping, found the same bottle for $9000 less. ...
  10. bigmanfromou

    Woman in Opus X box

    I did some quick searching, but didn't come up with anything. Does anyone happen to know the backstory on the half naked woman on the inside of the Opus X boxes?
  11. bigmanfromou

    SQL, Mainframe, something else?

    After 10 years of IT that ends up in some form of end user support, I've finally grown completely tired of it. I've been eyeing the Database or the Mainframe side of things. Columbus still has a lot of mainframes that aren't going anywhere, anytime soon. I also know that the world of data is...
  12. bigmanfromou

    Holy Hot Limoncello!

    Two years ago, I decided to try making limoncello. It was suggested to do the extraction of the peels with Everclear, so I did so. Following the rest of the recipe, including "aging" it for 6 months, this produced a tasty but a product with very high alcohol content. The initial flavors were...
  13. bigmanfromou

    Moving Liqour Collection

    Quick question. I'm moving my liqour collection back to Ohio this week. I'm using a moving company, so it will end up sittting on on a tractor trailer for 2-3 days. Will the liqour be ok or will the heat damage it? I'm putting the good stuff in my car, but would like to open up room for other...
  14. bigmanfromou

    Whisky Attic

    I'm going to try to run by this place when I'm in LV next week. Anyone know anything about this glorious place? Is there anything that I must try?
  15. bigmanfromou

    Vegas April 12-15

    I'm finally making my first trip to Vegas next month. If anyone will be in-town and want to get together for a smoke, let me know.
  16. bigmanfromou

    Michel Couvreur - how to reseal bottle?

    I purchased a bottle of Michel Couveur today and decided to have a nip or two before bed. The bottle is pretty plain Jane. Monochrome paper label, sealed in wax, and uses a wine style cork. Now, how does one reseal something like that (I completely punctured the cork)? BTW, the Overaged 12...
  17. bigmanfromou

    Philly Saturday 1/14

    Sorry for the short notice. Usually when I run to Philly, then family wishes to tag along, however I was just informed they did not want to go this time around. I'll actually have a moment to sit down and have a smoke. I'm going to stop in Holt's and Philly Smoke Shop. Anyone available???
  18. bigmanfromou

    Coffee that doesn't suck...

    I've tried several of your grocery variety coffee and they all pretty much taste like...poop. What's some decent coffee to try? Discuss.
  19. bigmanfromou

    Thank you CP!

    Just a quick thank you to the CP family for 3 years of information, humor, and friendship! You guys are all aces in my book.
  20. bigmanfromou

    Blazer lighter issues....again

    My 3rd Blazer pb-207 just died and I'm still not sure WTH is going on. The first one took about a year, then the little piece of copper fell out, and it stopped passing fuel through the head. The 2nd and 3rd took about 5-6 refills each and they also act as if they are clogged. I've only used...