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  1. RichYhlen

    Dropping by

    Hey guys, I know it has been a while since my last post and honestly was a little irritated on how things went and the way certain posts were construed but thats water under the bridge. Since then, I have had some really good news and would like to pass it on to you guys and maybe you guys would...
  2. RichYhlen

    The passed few weeks

    Hey guys finally got back online and figured would say hi. The resulting hiatus of my laps of the forums was due to the house myself and my family stayed at. It caught fire and we lost everything from clothes, to furniture, my coolidor, all the things that are right in your face on a daily...
  3. RichYhlen

    Cigar Afficianado

    Wish I was still living in Vegas, posting it for the forum have fun guys Event: 2010 Big Smoke Las Vegas Weekend When: Friday, November 12, 2010 through Sunday, November 14, 2010 Where: The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV Register link
  4. RichYhlen

    Alejandro Robaina

    Double post didnt see first initial posting by other member
  5. RichYhlen

    Found Spanish Cedar table thing

    Now here is the kicker the other day I was dropping off one of my boys and it was junk day. Now since I joined this sinful forum and I mean that in a good way, its opening my eyes to things I would of normally not known. I passed by this heap of things thrown out and I seen this table looking...
  6. RichYhlen

    Chat room

    Just out of curiosity? Has this forum ever had a chat room and if not why couldnt we get one or is this a bad idea. It actually might be a good thing to brings people alot friendlier and friends alot closer. Just an idea and throwing out in the open figured i would ask instead of looking thru...
  7. RichYhlen

    Macanudo 898 cafe

    While driving around today me and my better half stopped into a Salvation Army to look for outisde clothes for the kids. While walking around I happen to stumble upon a Macanudo 898 cafe empty wooden box sitting on the shelf (99c). I was wondering when or if they stopped using wooden boxes since...
  8. RichYhlen

    Any wood workers out there

    I remember way back when I was watching one of those woodworking shows (pre Yankee workshop). What the guy did was to take some Elmer's wood glue and he added wood dust from the project he was doing and made a paste to use as filler. Yes I know wood putty can be bought and used, but what the guy...
  9. RichYhlen

    Cigar & Humidity

    Just out of curiosity is their or does their even exist a list of what cigars go good in what humidity. I have read in certain forums that certain cigars go good with 70% and some are better at 65% so on and so such. Does this list exist or is it the holy grail of cigar lore. Some people will...
  10. RichYhlen

    Cigar auction

    just wondering if anyone uses cigar auction and if so have they bought thru a yankee lot. Question being if I bid on a specific item and there was 2 of them and I outbid the other guys at the end of the bid and I win do I get both boxes for say 50$ or is it each box is 50$ totalling 100$
  11. RichYhlen

    Humidor Plans

    Borrowed from another cigar forum I belong to figured I would share this with yall Humidor Plans
  12. RichYhlen

    Fort Worth Herf

    Thinking about doing a herf but would like to find a place somewhere in the middle of us all so this way we can all meet up and where drop me a line or post it here and lets do one in the future
  13. RichYhlen

    A very large Humi

    Okay guys I am gonna need a little help a family member has a 17 cubic foot chest freezer that hasn't worked in a long time and is just collecting dust in their garage. And tonight as I was watching the plume I got to thinking on making it into a humi. Now since todays technology and the way...
  14. RichYhlen

    Addictingly irritated

    Okay guys why didn't anyone warn me on how addicting the auctions are. EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL did i mention EVIL , but I did bid on a few and got some good deals especially happy with an Ashton Panetela victory and 2 Famous Dominican and 1 Famous Nic. The famous brands should get me thru the every...
  15. RichYhlen

    Buying online

    I wanna buy something off of Thompson cigar website but I would like to get some feedback from anyone else and what issues they had with it. I trust the words from this forum rather then the reviews from the general public on thier website Thanx guys Rich
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  17. RichYhlen

    Satin Jacks

    Hey guys I know I am new and all but if your from Jersey and happen to live near Lafayette stop by my buddys shop he is a great guy and is a down home Italian jersey boy thru and thru. Google him for some of his parties that he has had in the past Satin Jack's Cigar Room Route 15 Old Lafayette...
  18. RichYhlen

    Some questions from shop owners of CP

    I would like to know if there is any owners of cigar shops in CP there are a bunch of questions i would like to ask cause I would like to someday own a cigar shop and figured if there was any owners least I cant learn from thier mistakes. It would be most helpful on my end and also for CP in the...