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  1. RichYhlen

    Stopping by to see how your doing, and to thank you again. I hardly come on here. I dont feel...

    Stopping by to see how your doing, and to thank you again. I hardly come on here. I dont feel like getting slapped by the grammar police so I dont say anything at all in any post. But lemme cut it short, have a great day and a better 2011. Rich
  2. RichYhlen

    Dropping by

    Hey guys, I know it has been a while since my last post and honestly was a little irritated on how things went and the way certain posts were construed but thats water under the bridge. Since then, I have had some really good news and would like to pass it on to you guys and maybe you guys would...
  3. RichYhlen

    What ventilation do you use?

    Would also think, if you are going to have chairs try and stay away from heavy fabric or cloth. The smoke might settle into the fabric and keep the smell lingering, probably the other reason why you see leather chairs in so many smoke lounges.
  4. RichYhlen

    Neeeewwwwwwwwww YORK!

    Being from Jersey and used to hang out in Manhattan, there is so much to visit. Basically everything your fellow CPers said are a must. To me if I was to go back again the one area I would go is downtown. The Village, Bleeker and Sullivan st is a good center to start from in that area I love...
  5. RichYhlen

    How to repair dings in your humi

    I remember doing this trick in highschool woodshop. The added bonus, it raises the woodgrain and you get a smoother surface after sanding. I would wipe the wood piece using a damp cloth let it dry, sand smooth with 220 then rinse/repeat 2 more times. Maybe it is me, but I think I have seen a...
  6. RichYhlen

    Smoking in Dallas?

    I do not live in Dallas I reside in Fort Worth. I am not sure if your using your cellphone or a laptop, but did a little searching for you on google in the Dallas area. I checked the websites to make sure they are not smoke shops of the wacky tabacky type but actually dealt in cigars. Pipedream...
  7. RichYhlen

    A question about Whale Wars TV show.

    No tell you what! You dont like my grammar then dont read what I write. And seriously your threatening me? Let me guess the most you can have done is, me being banned. I didnt take a friggin shot at jfields I was stating "it was a waste of his time to copy and paste" what he did. As an...
  8. RichYhlen

    A question about Whale Wars TV show.

    WOW! It took alot to copy and paste from an online dictionary, guess you really needed to correct me and waste your time jfields. That remark was made to Souldog simply cause he always corrects my grammar, it irritates him for which I appologize on my part. And why the name calling? I have no...
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  10. RichYhlen

    A question about Whale Wars TV show.

    Geez you guys in Cali are so testical about correct grammar.
  11. RichYhlen

    A question about Whale Wars TV show.

    I re-edited it since I didnt think that word which I used as a shortened version of the whole word would of been offensive. If I meant to be offensive which I wasnt, there is far worse words then that which are offensive. And as far as not being able to understand what I wrote that I have no...
  12. RichYhlen

    just discovered cigarbid!

    I will probably do that in the future, at the time I wasnt on CP that long and was still a newb and under the 4 month time frame. Did a fast google and those lonsdales are a box of 20 for 59.99. Dammed moths in my pockets eating the lint. Will try a single when I get the cash for it.
  13. RichYhlen

    50% Discount on Dewars 200ml Collection Set

    Wondering how many do you have, hopefully will be starting work this week and getting that thing called a paycheck and would be interested.
  14. RichYhlen

    just discovered cigarbid!

    I was always curious about the Tabak I heard good things about them and always wanted to try them but was afraid to since they are a new name for me. I have a Gurkha Titan that was given to me by a CP member and is waiting to find the time to smoke it since alot of people say they suck, but...
  15. RichYhlen

    A question about Whale Wars TV show.

    Well personally I think it is funny also but I do see some points the capt is thinking. The Japanese are taking far more then they are allowed yearly for what they say is research. But actually it is sent to the market trade for consumption by humans. They also use it for many other things but...
  16. RichYhlen

    I looked at my watch

    Great redo by Chuck Berry
  17. RichYhlen

    just discovered cigarbid!

    I have never used CB, I have used and bought a bunch of cigars months ago when money was plentiful. Damm that yearly IRS kickback
  18. RichYhlen

    Happy Birthday CIGARPASS! 10 YEARS!

    Sincerest thank you Rod, with this forum it made my knowledge building of cigars alot easier with this band of nutjobs rather then googling forever. I havent herfed yet with anyone yet but that will change one day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CigarPass Rich
  19. RichYhlen

    West Virginia

    West Virginia
  20. RichYhlen

    I'm glad I knew better

    With a big yellow smiley face painted on your ass