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  1. lovetheleaf

    Moving to Maryland

    Well guys I am moving back to maryland. I am looking very forward to it also. The ol lady and I have been back and forth about moving back to were our family is so our son can grow up with them around. We were not going to for a while, but my mind got made up for me today as I got the axe. Just...
  2. lovetheleaf

    Happy Birthday JL Audio

    Hope you have a good one! Burn something special... Chris
  3. lovetheleaf

    Hygrometer question

    I have searched and found pretty much what I believe to be my answer. ANyways here is what I have going on. I have 3 hygro's. They all read the same temp. One reads 41%, one reads 58% and the other reads 66 %, when doing the salt test. The weird thing is when I put them in the same bag with my...
  4. lovetheleaf

    Tis the season I guess!

    Man all I did was work out a lil deal with Frank and what happens next, the guy blows the damn front door off my house. Frank thanks again your generosity will not go unforgotten! Hope the you and the fam have a great turkey day! Chris
  5. lovetheleaf

    Blown away!

    Well this story starts back 8 months ago... I have left the the name of the person out, but you know who you are, if not you have a pm. Long story short, we struck a deal and both ends traded. I of course got blown out of the water by an awesome assortment of goodies. Well this evening I was...
  6. lovetheleaf

    Happy birthday Chainer!

    Happy birthday brotha, hope you enjoy! 0308 2040 0001 6979 0829
  7. lovetheleaf

    The Original Cigar Pass

    I was going to try to have a contest with this but I am not creative. Just some quick things I feel all of us newbs need to remember when in this house of ours... Treat everyone with respect. Don't get defensive if an established member points out a mistake you're making. They're here to help...
  8. lovetheleaf

    Kingantz hit hard!

    This was all that was left today when I got home. I want to give a huge thanks to you Greg. You sir are extremely generous. This will not be forgotten :whistling: ;)
  9. lovetheleaf

    Anyone interested in trading

    I was going to post this is the Buy/Sell/ Trade forum but didn't know which to put it in. If this is wrong I will fix it. Well just as the the title says I have a Sh!t ton of this tobacco from Johnny-O and will take forever to smoke it all. I have a few different tobaccos I have been wanting to...
  10. lovetheleaf

    Got hit

    Much thanks to you Doug (Nobius)! Came home today to a very nice little package from Doug full of goodies I've never tried. Been a long week man, thanks for the sticks. I have my in laws in town this weekend :angry: so I will have plenty of time to put a flame to many of them. :) Thanks...
  11. lovetheleaf

    Just tried the pipe!

    I have been lurking around the pipe forum for a bit. I finally jumped on in to it. What sparked my interest was, I was given my wife's grandfathers pipes and pipe stand. I started doing some research here, in the pipe section as far as tobacco and everything. Well this weekend I was in Maryland...
  12. lovetheleaf

    Picked up a couple new ones

    Today I picked up a bottle of The Balvenie DoubleWood and Blanton's Single Barrel. I cracked open The Balvenie today and I have to say it is very smooth stuff. I am usually a Canadian whiskey drinker, but wanted to try something different (at the direction of AVB). I tried it neat first to try...
  13. lovetheleaf

    1 Year with CP

    Well brothers and sisters it has been a year for me. :thumbs: I want to thank you for all that I have learned from you. From watches to cigars and everything in between. I think you all are a great bunch of people. I can only hope that some day I am able to give back all I have gained from...
  14. lovetheleaf

    Ezra Brooks

    I wanted to check with you guys to see if you know if they produce a higher end of this bourbon. It seems that their website is not up now. I have only been able to find the 12 Yr single Barrel. Thanks allot.
  15. lovetheleaf

    Anejo # 50

    I will be reviewing the Arturo Fuente Anejo #50. I have a little story behind why I set flame to this stick today. Yesterday was my wifes birthday and of all days we had the hard decision to make, to put our 9 year old yellow lab to sleep. I have to say she was a great dog and will be forever...
  16. lovetheleaf

    Hit today!

    Touché Atlasm. I merely tried to help this guy out by pairing him up with what i thought to be a good match with his new bottle of Dalmore and he leaves my mailbox in shambles. Thanks much bro. I greatly appreciate the gesture, it was a great beginning for my weekend.
  17. lovetheleaf

    Updating personal info

    I have been trying to update my personal photo and avatar. I have tried everything from posting pics in the members gallery to uploading them onto photo I have had no luck, even when I get my personal photo uploaded it still does not display when I am posting. I have done searches...
  18. lovetheleaf

    Cigar trades

    I wanted to see if I could get some opinions. I was recently involved in a trade with a fellow BOTL on CP. We agreed on the terms of the trade and the following day of the agreement I sent my end out, provided a DC # and maintained full communication with the other participant. I have tracked my...
  19. lovetheleaf

    Awesome bourbon

    Hope I am not to late, I have seen this thread before and wanted to add my 2 sense. IMOP the best Kentucky Bourbon I've had and would highly reccomend would be Woodford Reserve and the next best thing would be Bakers at 126 proof.
  20. lovetheleaf

    box code help

    can any one identify this box code for a box of Cohiba siglo VI's? EFA SEP 05. Thanks