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  1. jfields

    The Bill’s Best & My Last Box Purchase Contest

    So I said I’m done buying, but afterwards I just pulled the trigger on a box of cigars I saw the year/code, and just had to have this one more. 🙄 So, contest time! Guess what box/vitola, factory code, and year will arrive to have me send you a nice fiver in the mail. Bonus fiver if you get the...
  2. jfields

    Did Anyone See

    The Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather fight last night? 🤦🏻‍♂️ I feel like Logan Paul got more hugs from Mayweather, than he did from his father during his entire childhood.
  3. jfields

    From Texas with Love

    Aaron @TexasTraveler had a really nice care package waiting for me when I got home late last night. Even as shattered as I was, I couldn't wait to open it. He sent me one late 2020, or early 2021 that never made it to me. So, imagine my surprise yesterday. According to the thoughtful note...
  4. jfields

    Checking In

    Hope you all are doing well! Been a spell since I’ve been around and miss this place a lot. As much as I do, I needed to take a break to focus on what was going on in John’s world. A lot has been happening. Separated from my wife of 20 years, had to sell my home, and having to face how sexual...
  5. jfields

    Good thoughts, prayers, and good vibes for Ed.

    Ed has been in the hospital since 10/24 having had back surgeries (yes - plural). Just spoke to him via PM. I didn’t realize he was in that long. Anyways, like we do for everyone here, just thought it would cheer him up to let him know we miss him and we are thinking about him.
  6. jfields

    Happy Thanksgiving CigarPass

    Happy Thanksgiving my brothers and sister! Give thanks for life. Your life! That which has given "you" the unique experiences that helped you become YOU. Give thanks also, for family. Be they blood relatives, or friends who have become family to you. Even ones we may think of as "strangers" are...
  7. jfields

    Never Dropped His Cigar

    Saved his puppy like a boss!
  8. jfields

    We Have Lost Another CigarPass Brother

    Just found out that Doug Thompson @duglynukem passed away on Sunday. Doug is another brother that I interacted with on a regular basis, but had never met up with to share a cigar with him. Thought we were going to meet up in July 2019 when we flew to Florida for vacation, only to be reminded...
  9. jfields

    Eddie Van Halen

    Passed away from throat cancer today at 65. Many fond memories of listening/watching in awe of the way that man attacked a guitar. RIP!
  10. jfields

    Then There Were Five - Congrats Rod!

    Our very own Rod and and First Lady Ashley just welcomed their third baby to their now family of five today. Please join me in welcoming a happy and healthy 7 lb 5 oz 19.5 in Kinley to the extended CigarPass family.
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    Duplicate - Ignore
  12. jfields

    Happy Birthday Cody!!!

    Happy Birthday @cody5thou!!! I hope it’s been a great one brother!!!
  13. jfields

    Just Because

    Came home feeling really worn down this evening. The heat index was 112° today. Even though I didn’t spend a lot of time out in the worst of it today, I really felt drained by the time I came home. Donella told me I had a package delivered earlier, but Iwas expecting something and something else...
  14. jfields

    Happy Birthday CigSid

    Happy Birthday Brother!! I hope it’s a great one and you get to smoke your best!!!
  15. jfields

    Anyone Read This

    I know it’s a law now, but arrest someone..... Seriously! Not in the story, but I heard that a female sports announcer who was in the locker room during the celebration complained to the officer about the cigar smoke, and that’s what started it all. She should have just left if it bothered her...
  16. jfields

    What’s Your Latest Purchase - 2020

    Going to try to tone it down this year. Still had a few things on the way though. 😉
  17. jfields

    What Beer Did You Drink Today (2020)

    Man! Such a juicy and floral DIPA from Hardywood.....
  18. jfields

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Brothers & Sisters! It has been been over twelve years since I started hanging out here. I wanted to wish you all Merry Christmas whether you’re like Doc, still hanging out, but just don’t have much to say. Or, like HudsonValley & Infinity and you’ve left us way to early. I look...
  19. jfields

    1960’s Montecristo No

    Been dry boxing this for five or so days and couldn’t wait to light this one up after spending the day with my mom and dad. 1st Third: Did not suck! 2nd Third: Still did not suck! Final Third: Sucked (Only because I didn’t want it to end yet)!