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  1. Golfanatic

    Atlanta Braves

    Why have the Braves been so good lately and ESPN won't even talk about them? We must not be in the target market for their network here in GA. Please discuss.
  2. Golfanatic


    Good Evening! I will be playing golf tomorrow for the first time this season. It is supposed to be 75 Degrees. I would like to offer up a 5er for the closest guess to the following questions: 1. What will my total score for 18 holes be at River Pines Golf Course from Tips...
  3. Golfanatic

    I heading to Montreal

    I'm heading to Montreal for the week for work. Anyone know of any good cigar bars around town?
  4. Golfanatic

    Snow Day

    I'm all snowed in today. No work for me or my wife. We just took the baby around the neighborhood in her wagon. I think we got about 6 inches last night. I am a little embarrassed for GA since the Northerners always laugh at us. It's not our fault, we just have poor planning. No trucks or...
  5. Golfanatic


    My link Will someone who lives in PA please buy a bottle of this and send it to me? I will give you cash or trade sticks. Thanks, Darin
  6. Golfanatic

    Last Minute ATL Herf

    Hey BOTLs my favorite quote is, "If it weren't for the last minute, nothing would ever get done" So in honor of that and the holidays Khari and I are meeting at Prohibition in Buckhead tomorrow at 5:45ish. If anyone is local or just in beautiful GA over the holiday let us know in here or by pm...
  7. Golfanatic


    Did the price on these go up or do I have some high class gouges in my area? I stopped by 3 B&Ms and these were going from $25 down to $20 per stick. I remember the good ole days when they cost $14. The one owner who I like the best told me he wasn't charging as much and some of the other...
  8. Golfanatic


    ...My Falcons sure look good. Who is scared of them? You all should be. They got a cake schedule to close out the year and clinch HOME field advantage. CAR today is a breeze, then SEA (pfff), NO at Home (Matty Ice is 19-1 at Home), and then CAR again at Home. Even if we lose to NO that's...
  9. Golfanatic

    Jalapeno Recipes

    So all of this pepper garden talk has motivated me to grow some of my own. I now have a bunch and am struggling with what to do with them besides making salsa or cutting up on some nachos. Can you guys tell me how you like them the best?
  10. Golfanatic

    Please vote for my baby!

    She is pretty stinking cute though. You can vote once per day per email address. My link
  11. Golfanatic

    Anyone want a big ass Cooler on special?

    My link
  12. Golfanatic

    Fake Xikar

    Come on man! Linky Someone get Andy to sue this bastid!
  13. Golfanatic

    I am going to this...

    Linky Start talking about your
  14. Golfanatic

    Haier 18-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler (Refurbished)

    I am not one to plug a website but this is a good deal ESPECIALLY with Free shipping if anyone wants an Electronic Temp control Humidor. Peace Link The link may not take to the exact one but you can click to the left of the deals to highlight over this.
  15. Golfanatic

    Falcons vs. Buccaneers

    I would like to bet a premium 5er on my Falcons. I understand this is a stretch but someone has to like Tampa here. Hey, they beat Green Bay for peat sake. Say $8 per stick
  16. Golfanatic

    Baby Contest

    Ok BOTLs/SOTLs the wife is due any day now so I want to have a contest. Here is a pic of the wife for Halloween. I will give a 5er to the member with the closest guess of the baby's birthday and time EST. Also guess if its a boy or girl because I don't know either. Rules: One guess per...
  17. Golfanatic

    Golfanatic's Stash

    Well I know I have been here for a little more than a year, but I don't think I have ever posted all of my stogs before. I must say I started out with a 50 ct. desktop Humidor and then moved to a small 9 bottle Vino I picked up from a salvage shop for $10. Then the shop got 10 more in so I...
  18. Golfanatic

    Falcons vs. Bears

    I am going to the game tonight so I wnat to know if anyone wants to bet a 5er against Matty Ice and Falcons! Let's say atleast $8 per stick.
  19. Golfanatic

    1000th Post contest!

    I know it's pretty close to the wire on 1000 posts but I would like to have a little contest for the BOTLs and SOTLs at CP. Rules Below: -At least 1 month on the Board -1 guess per day (unlimited guesses) -Guess 1000th post date and time. -Submissions end on Friday at midnight -Closest one...
  20. Golfanatic

    GA headin' to NC (Pinehurst)

    So me and three buddies are heading up to the Pinehurst area August 28th-30th to play golf and party down before this baby comes. We are staying at the Marriott SpingHill Suites in Pinehurst. We are playing Tobacco Road (Clever name), The Pit, Legacy, and hopefully Pinehurst #1 and #8. I am...