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  1. Fontanaboy1324

    Happy New Years CP I am so looking forward to 2010

    I don't know about you all but I can't wait for 2010 to roll in. I am looking forward to it with great expectation. I will be smoking a nice Padron and drinking an even nicer drink at home and not in the streets with all the crazys. And the best thing is NO KIDS will be here. So hopefully my...
  2. Fontanaboy1324

    The Broncos are official done!

    [size="6"]With that sad lost to the "Faiders" we have shot ourselve in the foot for the last time this year. I hope we don't make the playoffs now because if we did we would get our ASS kicked for sure. Why not just lose the rest of the games this year and start all over next year. First...
  3. Fontanaboy1324

    Marry Christmas CP

    Hey to all of the CP family I just wanted to send out a VERY Happy Marry Chirstmas to you all. I am still new to this site but I have loved everything about it so far. So make sure you light one up a nice stogie this Christmas. Peace to all and to all a good smoke!!!!!!!!!
  4. Fontanaboy1324

    Happy Thanksgiving CP guys

    To everyone old and new to Cigar Pass I would like to wish you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving What ever your believes My God bless you. Eat, drink and smoke a lot of cigars this weekend. Peace
  5. Fontanaboy1324

    So frustrated with the Broncos

    What the hell happen to my Broncos I tell you they relied on their defensed so much that they don't focuse on the offense. We should not had gotten rid of our QB Cutler I think we would have been much better and now look at Cutler with the Bears he isn't doing good either. if he would of shout...