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  1. MrAnderson41

    Toms River Turkeys

    What do you guys think Gary did to piss of all the Turkeys? Turkeys Terrorize Toms River
  2. MrAnderson41

    From Chicago to Louisville

    Any BOTL anywhere between Chicago and Louisville? I'm looking for an excuse to burn a couple days vacation and go on a motorcycle ride and figured I could maybe work a HERF into my plans if I'm passing by anybody on my way.
  3. MrAnderson41

    The Spartan Den

    Actually the plan is there won't be much Spartan about my man cave when it's finished other than the Spartan memorabilia on the walls. The floors are going to be finished this week, plumbing a few weeks after that, and furnishings after that as funds allow. Anyone that finds themselves in...
  4. MrAnderson41

    In Toronto for the next two weeks...

    Well really I'm in Ajax/Pickering. If there are any botls out there in the area that would like to meet up for a smoke or maybe provide a recommendation on some b&m's to check out, please let me know.
  5. MrAnderson41


    Looks like I'm going to be in Atlanta next week for business. Any BOTL in the area want to meet for a cigar or know of any good B&Ms to visit while I'm in town?
  6. MrAnderson41

    It's going to be a girl!

    I mostly lurk around this place anymore but I had to share the good news. My wife and I are expecting our first child, a daughter, on September 21st and I can't hardly wait.
  7. MrAnderson41

    How do you touch up a cigar?

    I know it's a little bit of an odd question for someone who's been in the hobby for a few years to ask but this is one thing I've never been able to master to my liking.  Ideally the burn on a cigar will be razor tight but sometimes the burn will get a bit wonky and requires action.  Personally...
  8. MrAnderson41

    View New Content Acting Up?

    I've been noticing over the last three to four weeks that when I click view new content, the content is getting more and more sparse. Also, I'm not sure that I'm getting all of my notifications but I can't confirm that either. Anyone else noticing this?
  9. MrAnderson41

    Search Function

    Search doesn't seem to be working for the last day or so for me. I seem to recall having seen someone else post about this, but I can't seem to find it because search doesn't work. Anyone else having this issue?
  10. MrAnderson41

    Ever Wonder What It's Like at a Nuke Plant?

    This is a video made by Indiana Michigan Power to give the public some sort idea of what life is like at the D.C. Cook Nuclear Power Plant in Bridgman, MI. It just so happens that this is the Nuclear Power Plant where I work. My avatar is actually of me next to one of the Reactor Coolant...
  11. MrAnderson41

    Temperature Controller Wire Routing - Edgestar 28

    When I set up my Edgestar back in December it was cool enough in the house that I haven't had to plug it in. I figured I'd address the temperature issue when it came. Well, it's been exceptionally warm here in Michigan for March so it really shouldn't have surprised me to see the temperature...
  12. MrAnderson41

    There goes another mailbox...

    Almost two weeks to the day that my mailbox was ran over by a girl that slid off the road I go to check the mail this afternoon only to find out it's been detroyed again but this time by an extremely generous BOTL. I really don't know what I did to deserve this kind of treatment but I really...
  13. MrAnderson41

    New Home ...

    First off, I know this is far from an original topic but I figured I'd share anyway. The wife bought me an Edgestar 28 bottle wine fridge on Black Friday for Christmas and I finally just completed the conversion from a wine fridge to a cigar mansion. Since my father-in-law runs his own wood...
  14. MrAnderson41

    Anyone Been on a Cruise Lately?

    So a buddy of mine called the other day and mentioned that he and his wife were thinking about taking a cruise in February and was wondering if my wife and I would be interested in joining them. We're looking to go to the Caribbean (eastern), and aside from which ports/excursions/etc. one of...
  15. MrAnderson41

    After Nearly Nine Weeks of Waiting ...

    I just found out that I passed the Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam. :thumbs: I'm so happy right now that I don't have to study for that damn test again. All that's left is to grease the palms of the folks at the state level with application fees and some paper work and I can call...
  16. MrAnderson41

    Call of Duty Black Ops

    Anyone play COD: Black Ops on PS3? I've been playing for a couple of weeks now and can't seem to put it down. If you've got a PS3 and Black Ops feel free to post you PSN ID in this thread and I'll try to update the OP with everyones ID and maybe we can get a few games going sometime. My PSN...
  17. MrAnderson41

    Famous Smoke Down?

    I've searched on here but didn't find anything. Is anyone else having trouble accessing or I can't get on any of their websites. It looks to me like they're down. I figured it was a temporary problem but I haven't been able to get on for the last couple days.
  18. MrAnderson41

    Question Regarding Swings in RH and Temperature

    I've got my desktop humidor stored in one of my dresser drawers near the A/C register in my bedroom. When the A/C kicks on and runs for an extended period of time the RH and Temperature inside the humidor tend to drop as well. I don't think I've really got a problem as the RH/Temp drop from...
  19. MrAnderson41

    Romeo y Julieta Aniversario Robusto (5 x 52)

    On the first day after my birthday I was able to enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy a cigar while watching the sunset last night. I figured I would try giving a review a whirl. I'm still pretty new to Cigar smoking and really this is probably only the third or fourth brand of Cigar I've...
  20. MrAnderson41

    Educate me Please

    After reading the board it seems like you guys are very down on Cohibas (red dots). I understand that the Cuban brand is far superior but seeing as how they are unavailable in the states they are not an option for me. I really enjoy my red dots particularly the strong finish they have...