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    T-Giving CRAWL in CHICAGO!

    Hey guys HEADS UP!!!! I will be there!! From MR.JERRY @ CIGARWEEKLY I've got most of the details covered on this one. Start on the Friday morning after Thanksgiving at Jack Schwartz, hike to Iwan Reis (burning off turkey with every step). From there we head offf to O'Brien's for lunch...
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    Gifting Boxes up to 14

    :thumbs: I have received 14 anon packages from my cigar brethern this week. I have no idea who many of these packages were sent from but have been floored by the generosity and the great smokes. All I can say is THANK YOU. I will try to match this generosity in the future and want everyone to...
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    Fantasy Football

    I have set up a fantasy league at the link below. To play you must put up 3 HIGH QUALITY SMOKES. Winner takes all! Please follow the link below to sign up! OPUS PLAYERS is the Division Password-BALOURob
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    1958 Monte #1

    Well gentleman I just finished this great cigar gifted to me by one of CP's finest. Please bear with my poor review skills as I try to share this stick w/ you. After a 3 week moratorium on coffee, liquor, and nicotine I had my first cigar and cup of coffee this morning. I made a pot of Ethiopian...
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    Good to see you guys slummin.....welcome to the Eastside! ;>
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    Top Shelf/Top Players Pass

        This is a Pass I have been contemplating and will go forward with only 6 members. This is not for the faint of heart. To qualify you must meet 1 of the following criteria. 1. Be on the Pass Hall of Fame 2. Be a senior member of this or another top cigar board. 3. Have traded w/ me before...
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    Hey Guys! Just a quick heads up that my son arrived yesterday at 11:27 am. He weighed 7lbs 3 oz and is 20 inches long! Help me welcome John Patrick Ray to THE WORLD!!!!