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    Sammy, just one thing about panama..... BEETLES!!!!! Make sure you freeze those smokes for 3 full days then 1 day in the fridge!!! No exceptions!!! Other than that the smokes are pretty good!!
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    Cohiba Robusto

    I posted this at CW and thought I would share it over here as well. This is from a box from march 01. This is also my first attempt at a review. Last night I just had to crack this box open. I have another from april 01 that are a bit harsh as they are young but still very good.upon...
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    Hands across America Pass!!!

    Ok Heres the deal. Theres 175 members on this site now and although this will pose as a logistical nightmare for me I am up to the challenge of enrolling everyone on this site into a pass where each and every pass off is done in person. To my knowledge this has never been done before or even...
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    Confiscation!!  OOPS!!

    Had my firt box taken recently. Anyone else ever had this happen? They give you several options but I am sticking with the "choose to do nothing option" The real bummer was they got my RyJ exhibiton No4 and I only had a few of them left. Another box also got through 2 days later from the same...
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    CAO rolling event

    I went to one last night in norwalk ct and it was fantastic!! Great cigars(free) great 12 year old rum(free) and the food was decent too!! All free. The people from CAO were very gracious hosts and hostesses and the smokes they gave away were very good. Unfortuanately with about 300 people there...
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    Does anyone know if the no2 and no4 taste the same?
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    Quality between years?

    What is the difference in quality between the different years and why? For instance I know when it comes to wine that there are many variables throughtout the growing season. Is this the same with isom's? I would assume that since we are dealing with an organic material that the answer would be...
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    Spanish retailers

    Has anyone ever used either puroshabanos or dombenito? both have excellent prices but not sure if they gaurentee delivery or not.