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  1. Allofus123

    Where are all the clowns?

    Aieee... good to see you too. Golf swing still suck?
  2. Allofus123

    Where are all the clowns?

    I sure hope you are waaaaay south. I'm shivering down here and I'm just off the Texas coast. (what?... 50 degree's is cold damnit) George, I bought all 10 of my grandbabies Ipads.... yea, the wife didn't think it was funny at all. Go figure.
  3. Allofus123

    Where are all the clowns?

    Damnnnn, rough crowd. Not one person has filled my SLR order. LOL Really good to see everyone. Hope all of you had a Merry, Merry, Christmas.
  4. Allofus123

    Conceal Carry

    Here's where all the crap about shot placement goes out the window.... when you're in a gun fight. Talk about all the gun range experience you have and it means diddly. Ask any deer hunter after a 10 point heavy antlered walks out of no where. Shoot the largest caliber you are comfortable with.
  5. Allofus123

    Who said this...

    I've got a friend on this board that has always had a way with words. I've been reminiscing some of the older threads and ran across this..... god those were good times. "Thanks folks. I was sitting here thinking of something wise ass to say as per surfer dudes request and it occured to me...
  6. Allofus123

    Buying Aged - Is It Worth It?

    Interesting conversation. If I may inject my 2 cents for what its worth..... My observations have been that "properly" aged cigar over all will be substantially better than fresh cigars. This is not an absolute statement. Individual tastes and perceptions will differ greatly. Its the reason...
  7. Allofus123

    Where are all the clowns?

    Some friends are forever. Isn't it amazing what relationships a nasty old leaf can create? Drinking a bottle of Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon tonight and feeling no pain. Surprising Cabernet in the sub $20 range that, IMO, is very drinkable right now but will only improve with time. If you stock pile...
  8. Allofus123

    Where are all the clowns?

    I didn't know that cat had any musical talent. Smoked an old crusty leaf the other day that I got from a pass many, many years ago. It didn't suck. The world keeps turning and the clowns keep lining up..... don't trip over their big feet. ;)
  9. Allofus123

    Where are all the clowns?

    Roll call please.... Merry Christmas!
  10. Allofus123

    CPFFL Year 12 - managers wanted

    Thanks for posting this Neal. Last year was the first year we went to a cash payout instead of cigars. Unless a member in good standing wants to join and be the bank and secure cigars I think we will be keeping it a cash payout. This league has been around for 12 years. There's a reason for...
  11. Allofus123


    Ladies, we've had a newb join our league and well, newbs doing what they do, he appears to have left us hanging. We have a live draft starting at 7:30pm CST tonight, Sept 1st. If anyone wants to join us and can make it happen right now send me an email at Its a $50 buy in...
  12. Allofus123

    Yankees vs Redsox

    I never thought I'd say this but.......I kinda felt sorry for A Rod and found myself cheering for him when he slapped it out to deep center later. I understand that call is a judgment call but the only way you don't make the call to eject Dempster is if you're blind. Classless and the umpires...
  13. Allofus123


    What? Do I have to bribe a newb or what? We don't want to make this a cash pay out league so we need cigar smokers.   I have a Fuente Opus X "A" Twin Towers "City of Heroes" cigar to anyone that joins and can place in the top three. There was only 1,000 of these made. Most got smoked the day...
  14. Allofus123


    I don't know about calling lessons but I'd be happy to take em duck hunting. Only requirement is they need to bring a feather duster. :whistling:  LOL   Still have openings so send me a PM with your email for an invite. We may change this to a money pay out league if we can't get enough cigar...
  15. Allofus123


    For anyone interested, the "Original CPFFL" has a few manager spots open. This league is a 10 team league and cost is $75. Playoff format with a live draft Sept 1st.  All collected money is spent on cigars from the island and split between 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and I believe 4th gets a little something...
  16. Allofus123

    John Lord - R.I.P.

    hehe... most of the young ones have no idea what a B3 is. RIP JL
  17. Allofus123

    Medical Cannabis

    So is there gonna be a GB or not? :)
  18. Allofus123

    Medical Cannabis

    I'm in..... :thumbs:
  19. Allofus123

    1st Annual (and only) CPI Herf!

    I think I just pee'd my pants a little. :D And no way we let BBS back out. Anyone willing to smoke a Big Butt well... he's in charge of entertainment. :thumbs:
  20. Allofus123

    Request your input for Cigar Pass Insurance

    IMO the options all come with issues to deal with. If you liquidate then someone has to deal with that and then someone has to administrate the funds. There would also have to be decisions made on who/how/when payouts would be made. Would seem it should only cover those that had originally payed...