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  1. Jared Nomack

    Recommend a smoker?

    Howdy All, I want to get a smoker, but have no experience with them. Do you have a favorite? Recommendations? Electric, charcoal... etc.? Kinda want to keep it around $200 if possible, doesn't need to be huge, just for me and my family of four (five if you count the daughter's useless...
  2. Jared Nomack

    Are Davidoffs really that good?

    Recently received a Corona Cigars catalog with an order. Wow, I thought I was playing the game pretty high with the stuff I've been ordering. But there's a whole world of cigars I hadn't really been aware of. I mean, I know a little about the history and all (and they now own Camacho, which...
  3. Jared Nomack

    Audew 300 Arrived

    I guess these are finally shipping. Looks nice. My 150 works well, assuming this one will, too. Seems like they kinda cheaped out on the number of shelves, but I'm hoping the extra drawers may come back on the market soon. The good news is... now I have room for more smokes!
  4. Jared Nomack

    Schlesinger's Steak House & Cigars

    So the topic came up on a recent herf, of how In The Old Days steakhouses used to have a room specifically for smoking cigars. The deal was, after a group dinner, the Men would retire to the smoking lounge, and the staff would somehow manage to get rid of the Girls (I think they took them to...
  5. Jared Nomack

    Am I the only one who can't cut a damn cigar straight?

    Honestly, I can't seem to do anything right any more.... I guess it doesn't much matter in terms of smoking the thing, but it's driving me nuts...
  6. Jared Nomack

    Another storage/freezing question

    Sorry, guys, I know this is old hat for most of you. But I would be grateful for a wee bit of your wisdom here. I want to put a small humidor in my Office Office (not home). The building is not heated or cooled (much) on weekends, and the HVAC goes off at night at some point and on various...
  7. Jared Nomack

    It was a dark and stormy night...

    Actually, it was just a slightly cloudy afternoon. From his Secret Lair (basement mancave), via cameras not-very-discretely placed on the outside of the house, the Old Man could see children playing in the street. A dog barked. Birds chirped. A truck slowly ambled down the hill, and parked...
  8. Jared Nomack

    Paging Bill...

    Or anyone else for that matter.... So, my teenage daughter just got back from Turks & Caicos tonight, her best girlfriend's family has a "house" there (more like a mansion, jeez). She brought this back for me as a gift. Whaddaya reckon are the odds it's real?
  9. Jared Nomack

    Yikes! Beetles?

    So I've been rotating cigars out of the humidor(s) into a ziploc with a Boveda 62 on a rolling basis, to leave for a couple of days before smoking. Today's plan was a LFD Double Ligero Chiselita. Pulled it out and found this - I didn't notice this when I put it in the "dry bag", but I...
  10. Jared Nomack

    Any experience with ozone generators?

    Hi Folks, Anyone have any knowledge of these things? Like this one - Do they work? Trying to figure out how to reduce the objections of SWMBO and The Rugrats.... jn
  11. Jared Nomack

    Question re Old Reed & Barton Humidor

    Howdy, This humidor was in a box of old cigar boxes I picked up for a couple of bucks. It's a little banged up but does "ok" on the dollar bill test. I was thinking I'd give it a light sanding on the outside (appears to be cherry), then some Tru-Oil (I use it in gun restorations, it's great...
  12. Jared Nomack

    Is 54% Too Dry for a Cigar Just Received via UPS?

    I've been thinking some cigars I have received (from a well-known site) were overyly dry. So I ordered a CigarMedics Humidimeter (from a different site). Pack of A.Flores Serie Privada SP54's arrived today. Box was on the porch for an hour or so, it's raining outside here, very humid...
  13. Jared Nomack

    Some thoughts about hygrometers

    Howdy All, I've had a lifelong relationship with humidity issues, mainly due to a lifelong sickness of acquiring good acoustic musical instruments that require care. Generally, this has been much easier than the level of care apparently needed for cigars (just keep the room about 45% RH...
  14. Jared Nomack

    Newbie Smokes Padron 1964 Torpedo Madura

    I've been reading the reviews here, and to quote Garth, I'm not worthy! I've just been smoking cigars for about a year and have been trying to understand all the differences. Up until tonight my favorite has been A Fuente Hemingway Signature, but I recently placed an order that included some...