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  1. JHolmes763

    Germany 10 Jul - 7 Aug

    I'll be in the Nuremberg (Vilseck) area for about a month for work. Willing to travel, but will likely only have a couple weekends. Friend told me there's a good cigar shop in downtown Nuremberg that I'll likely check out. Anyone around the area or have any suggestions?
  2. JHolmes763

    Traveling to PA this week.

    Staying in Stroudsburg for the week for work. Anything worth checking out? I see Famous and CI both have places about 30min south of there. Plus Weyerbacher, but it looks like they close at 7. Hopefully I'll make it out of work on one of the days to make it down there. Anything else? If...
  3. JHolmes763

    Kansas City / Columbus, GA Coming up

    I'll be out in KC for a week and Columbus / Ft. Benning for a week coming up soon. Anyone up for dinner or a smoke? I usually hang at Outlaw nightly in KC and not sure about Columbus. Nice speakeasy downtown, but a limited selection of smokes.
  4. JHolmes763

    Kansas City 6/24-28

    I'll be out in the KC / Ft. Leavenworth area next week for work if anyone wants to meet up. I'll be locked up during the day... not literally, being Leavenworth and all, but busy. Nights should be open after 5. If nothing comes up, I'll at least be at the Outlaw for a nightly smoke.
  5. JHolmes763

    American Puro?

    Okay, this stems from a Facebook post by a friend, but his Cuban guide in Miami asked him for an American cigar. The humor was obvious, but it got me thinking if I could name an American puro... I couldn't off hand. A little searching turned up Tatuaje La Casita Criolla as an all Connecticut...
  6. JHolmes763

    Traveling to KC tomorrow. Outlaw tomorrow night?

    I need to go to Leavenworth for a meeting tomorrow and then head back out early Tuesday morning. Was planning on hitting up Outlaw after my meeting, so in the evening after dinner. Staying by the airport tonight and tomorrow, but it'll be after 11pm before I'm in tonight. Anytime in the area...
  7. JHolmes763

    Norfolk, VA area - where to smoke?

    I'll be down in Norfolk this week through Wed night. Actually working in Suffolk and staying in Chesapeake. Any recommendations on where to find a smoke or anyone in the area? John
  8. JHolmes763

    Boston next week

    I'll be in the Boston area next week. NW of town in Bedford. Anyone in the area? Any recommendations for a place to smoke? Thanks!
  9. JHolmes763

    Any one in El Paso?

    I'm here for the week, if there's anyone local or any recommendations. Google pulled up a couple shops in the area I'll check out. John
  10. JHolmes763

    Picnic Table Construction Question

    So I like the design of the picnic table shown in the first picture at this link. I've got an aluminum table frame that you'd normally just attached 6-8 ft long, 10-12 inch wide boards to (like this). One each for the seats and three or four on...
  11. JHolmes763

    Main St Cigar (MD) - Wed Mar 2nd - 7pm

    If you're in the Bel Air / Aberdeen, Maryland area next Wednesday, let's meet up for a smoke and some conversation. Main Street Cigar 2225 E. Churchville Rd. Bel Air, MD 21015 Wednesday, March 2nd @ 7pm Shop closes at 10. It's a public/private lounge place. :( I'm a (new) member; hopefully...
  12. JHolmes763

    Anyone in Baltimore/Aberdeen area?

    I'll be traveling back and forth to Aberdeen for work. Every other week I'll be around there. I found a nice cigar place up by Belaire. Anyone else in the area that might want to meet up for a smoke, sometime? Maybe once it warms up? I won't be around on the weekends, though. If you're...
  13. JHolmes763

    Best Home Office Air Handling Option?

    I've built a 12x14 home office in the garage that I'll be working out of. And, surprise, smoking in. :) What are your thoughts on air / smoke handling options? I'm in Michigan, and although it'll be insulated, I'm worried that just a couple air vents in the ceiling will take all my heat (and...
  14. JHolmes763

    The Devil Went Down to Georgia...

    ... I'm just hoping he's on another flight. :) I'll be down in Macon, Athens, Wrightsville and Savannah next week with work. Anyone in the area?
  15. JHolmes763

    In KC area this week.

    I'll be in KC this week, Monday through Wednesday. Staying in Liberty. Anyone want to meet up for a smoke? Hit Outlaw? Any places I should hit up for good food? John
  16. JHolmes763

    OnePlus Phone Invites

    I've got a couple invites available, if anyone is looking for a phone. These are for the 64Gb black model. I think you have 24 hours to buy. If anyone is interested, send me a PM. I've gotten two for my sons and they seem to be great phones. A little too big for my taste, but I may switch...
  17. JHolmes763

    St Louis and Columbia - Who's around?

    I'll be in St Louis and Columbia the week of Mar 30th. Any recommendations on smoke shops to check out? Anyone around there that wants to link up? Kansas City area is in May. Hopefully Brad and I will get a chance to get together.
  18. JHolmes763

    Lansing or West Branch area BOTL?

    Any BOTL in Lansing or West Branch, MI area? I'm in Lansing today and tomorrow with work and Atlanta/WB Thurs and Friday. Send me a PM if you know of a good place to smoke or want to link up. John
  19. JHolmes763

    Cigar themed or other cool chess sets?

    My wife for me a nice chess board for Christmas, but didn't pick out pieces so I could do that myself. Anyone have any suggestions? I haven't even started looking around yet. Anything cigar themed out there? I'm a fan of the traditional wood pieces and shapes, in general. I probably wouldn't...
  20. JHolmes763

    One benefit of living in Belgium

    All of the Trappist beers. :D   I've only got the La Trappe PUUR left to try, out of the bunch.