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    Name that stogie

    Who knows what it is?
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    Any Difference to you guys? Tubos or Box

    I've heard this come up into conversation a few times now, a lot of people seem to enjoy tubo's more. It seems this is more of an relevant for longer storage periods. From the tubo's I've had I can't say I've noticed anything 'extra' but I also don't feel the quantity and age of the tubo's are...
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    Today's Smoke II

    Enjoying an aged (1989) Romeo y Julieta Belicosos :thumbs:
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    Interesting obsrvation about Padron 1926's

    This is possibly the video Doc speaks of.
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    Got me a proper humidor!

    Congrats, nice unit :) Great advise given here. Take your time, it pays off with most things in life.
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    Genena, Switzerland CC store recommendation

    Hey, I'd check out that big red writing at the top of the page, I get the feeling this applies to your buddy too. I'd try google :) Good luck,
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    Today's Smoke II

    +1, Hope you feel better soon, always enjoy your reviews. Today I enjoyed a very pleasant H. Upmann Petit Corona - Really nice mild CC, could have easily gone for another - if only I bought 2. :blush:
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    Today's Smoke II

    Today I decided to try my first Oliva Serie G Maduro Perfecto. It was fairly cloudy but surprisingly warm, the size of the Oliva seemed just about right just n case the weather decided to take a turn. The stick looked great, no vains, a very small repair job on it and quite a nice shape to it...
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    Handing in the Man Card

    The brakes too? I thought the issue was run away cars due to the accelerator jamming open...? Congrats on your new ride, a friend of mine has had one for a few years, he gives it some serious stick and has rolled up a ton of miles, he likes it and has had a trouble free experience.
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    How to get rid of annoying smells inside the humidor

    No, I dont recognise this from anything I pulled up earlier, however I had to fall back on cached pages as he was often banned, which made tracking him, and his threads a little clunky. Sorry Rich, this is not directed towards you at all. This is in reference to stphen the original poster.
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    How to get rid of annoying smells inside the humidor

    I just wanted to quickly add to this, not only is this exact post on 6 other forums that I'm aware of and I'm sure many more that I'm not familar with, this guy actually sells humidors! :whistling: And has quite the habit of posting questions copied straight from Just FYI. Feel...
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    Building A Cabinet Humidor

    I always enjoy watching the build steps, thanks for sharing that :) Congrats on a great Cabinet, to own such an item :love: - The recipient of this will be the envy of many.
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    Death in family

    My condolences to you and your family. Take care
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    I'm also enjoying the 2000 Natural's I have some packs left from Oct 08, but I'm not sure they'll see passed this summer. :whistling: I might try and grab some other x000's this year, it does look like the 2000's will be my first box purchase once I clear some space.
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    Humidor input and... HELP!

    Thats a good plan. I'm with Tray, I have a fairly cheap 'glass' top, although some seem to be troubled, mine is great, I find it extremely helpful as I can keep check on the RH without having to open it, just a quick peep into the window, so don't give up on her just yet! The hygrometers on...
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    need help

    Cseverson, Personally I'd aim for 6 to 8 hours minimum for the salt test. There is a good guide here Salt test I don't know about others, but I go for longer than the specified 4hours. Of course, you don't need a spare 4hours in your day, Zip it up in the morning, and come back in the...
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    need help

    Hi, How often are you currently opening your humidor? Did you season it before loading the cigars? How many cigars are in it? If you're not to confident with the readings from your hygrometer then I advise you to simply do another salt test to verify. Welcome to CP
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    Congrats Ed, pleased to hear all is well.

    Congrats Ed, pleased to hear all is well.
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    Custom humidor

    Stunning work once again. Always a pleasure to view your creations.
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    Siglo VI, Monte #2 and Hoyo #2

    That selection sure does look nice! I'll be keeping a close eye out for the VI review, Christmas brought me a small selection, one being the slightly longer and thinner V that I'm looking forward to. Have fun!