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    WVO Conversion

    Wondering if any one has converted a truck. I'm a carpenter and have no choice but to own a fuel guzzling wallet slayer. My biggest question is if with modest amount of tools and auto know-how would I be able to convert a diesel? Or maybe a few forum recommendations. I want to run SVO, no...
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    1 year Anni Contest

    It's almost been a year! On to the contest. I want a picture of something funny. I will be the soul judge. Only requirement for entry is to be a member of good standing. 1 post or 16,000 I don't care. The prize will be good cigars, definitely worth the internets search or photoshopping...
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    Pete Johnson at Fumare 1-19-08

    Title says it all! This thing starts around noon and goes until someone wins the poker tournament. Seating is limited and I'm not sure if Dion will take call-ins but its worth a shot. The event should prove to be a good one;good people and good cigars. Hope to see you there! John
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    Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic Robusto

    5x 50 April 2007 wrapper:Nicaraguan Corojo binder:Nicaraguan filler:Nicaraguan On another thread, Wilkey had suggested that you run some water over the wrapper then smoke it. I instantly thought that this was a joke and replied as such, then another member and Wilkey replied that it wasn't and...
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    Tower Cigars, Sacramento

    So my wife drags me down to Sacramento, Ca. for some two year olds b-day, and I'm hemming and hawwing the whole way. I don't even think I'll have a chance to smoke a cigar. When we get down there her mom wants to meet us for dinner at some place called Tower, thats when my ears perk up...
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    PAM Exclusivo

    So I sit down to enjoy a cigar tonight and upon clipping the cap with my cutter I noticed some cavities in the filler. I tried tapping the cigar over the counter and found that there were no droppings or anything that might suggest any real problems. The light up went without a problem and the...
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    Moving to Sparks, NV

    I'm moving to Sparks at the end of the week and was wondering if there are any B/Sotls in the area, or atleast any good b&m's people know about. John