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    Sanco Panza (Honduran)

    I just smoked the second Honduran Sancho Panza I've got and noticed the same unusual taste in it as I did my first one. The taste is very musty and mixed with the aroma makes me think of old damp books or something. Notice I said unusual, not bad, but it is a flavor I can't say I've experienced...
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    ASH BURNS!!!

    I usually play a game with the ash trying to see how well I can land it on something nearby by tapping on the cigar. Smoking with my father the other night I watched him let his ash fall inside his shirt pocket. He scrambled to get it back out I assure you. He loves to play the how long can it...
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    Anti-Smoking Nazis at Work

    Got stuck watching the movie Demolition Man (starred Rocky) a few nights ago and I remember the scene where it was explained what all was illegal in the year 2041 or something. Smoking, alcohol, red meat, caffeine, and spicy foods. If this is where we are headed then there is no use in living...
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    Just curious...

    Why does the owner of the company ALWAYS come into your office right after you decide to see what's happening on the CP webiste?
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    70/70 rule for Humi's

    Of the few humidors I own, all inexpensive units, I find I have to wipe down the inside with distilled water quite of few times before things get worked out. Where are you keeping the thing stored to get a 63 degree reading. Is your hygrometer accurate? I did receive a humidor as a gift that was...
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    Humidifying Cigars

    In the past I thought I might try and "enhance" poor tasting cigars by letting them nestle up to better ones without cello of course. Don't really remember it working. If I buy a box of cello wrapped sticks I usually leave it on but singles I unwrap and store with no particular method.
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    Anti-Smoking Nazis at Work

    You've got to be kidding me! Hmmm... most visitors in a tobacco shop maybe, um, smoke? One good thing about living in the south where growing tobacco is a way of life, you don't have laws like that. We've got our share of smoke-free environemnts like malls and grocery stores but you still get...
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    5 Robustos for &#369.95

    Found an ad in my local paper. Famous-Smoke's got a deal on some General Cigar robustos. The five listed below for &#369.95 plus &#363.95 S&H. The code is ZNW0090 at Not all are my favs but the price sounds right. :cheesy: Thought I'd pass it along.JayMacanudo Hyde...
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    What's your town like?

    Sam,Yeah, Nashville is not too bad a town. You are out of luck on music unless you like country or Top 40 stuff. There are a few other stations but driving thru Nashville, you could miss them on the dial quite easily, coverage is lousy. But it is better than KY, there is nothing BUT country...
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    What's your town like?

    I live in Nashville and no I'm not in the county music business. (I did work in it while in college though). It is basically a bunch of blah, blah, blah but lots of people and industry keep moving here so we're getting more and more diverse. Actually just what we needed. Everyone worries we'll...
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    Seen any good movies lately?

    Planet of the Apes is a really good flick. Been thinking about the ending for a few days now........still stumped.
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    Te-Amo Aniversario

    Just smoked a Te-Amo Aniversario Pefrecto. My thoughts - in a nutshell - it sucked. Vintage 98, where was this stuff aged, in a cattle stall? I remember Te-Amo being an o.k smoke but this was just plain bad. It looked interesting enough but that's it. It burned very uneven, was too tight, and...
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    What's the deal

    I will agree that the use of the word ISOM will throw your head into a spin when you first see it being used. I didn't know what on earth I was reading about and thought some new classification of cigar had been created. But, it only took a few hours of cruising around to figure out what the...
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    The local guy

    In a few weeks (hopefully) I will be moving into my new house. About 3-4 minutes from it is my "1st choice" local tobacco shop. I will have to drive by it twice a day. I used to buy singles from them before I quit smoking cigars a couple of years ago but since starting up again, I've only been...
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    Whatcha Smokin' Lately?

    Since I've been building a new house the past few months I've been smoking an o.k selection of &#362-4 Honduran and Nicaraguan smokes. Some good, some bad. Wish I had just bought a box or two of Padron's instead. Just got in today a selection of 2Ks,3Ks & 4ks so I'll be nubbing those for the...
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    When I started smoking the first time 4 or 5 years ago I remember getting my hands on an El Rico Habano that sent me into a head spin. Too bad they went away. Since taking it back up again in the past few months I really haven't been knocked down yet, hopefully it's coming!Jay
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    What's the deal

    Thanks for the info. Didn't know if I was stepping too much over the line with my question but took the chance. I didn't ask for sources though, I have figured that much out. May e-mail you Puro Man with some ???s. Anyone else willing to answer questions please e-mail me first and let me knows...
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    What's the deal

    O.K. It's been killing me reading all these posts of you all enjoying all these ISOM cigars. Yes, I'm still a vigrin. Never tried one, ####, never even seen one. What I've figured is either the consequences of getting caught isn't too bad or the pleasure of smoking them outweighs the risks of...