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    That is one of two 9lb slabs of ribs that went on the smoker at 8. There will be no after pictures you can all imagine an empty plate. Because of the size I'm cutting them in half and using my rib rack - 3 hours at 250, wrap in foil for an hour with a little cranberry juice, take out of foil...
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    The best man I've ever known died tonight

    My Uncle Chuck, a man of his word, a man you could trust and a man who had real faith passed away at 7:40 tonight.He was 86. Chuck taught school for 42 years, was a wrestling coach for 37 of those years. was married to my Aunt for 62 years, raised 3 kids and is one of the reasons I'm not dead or...
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    Ready for an 8 hour heat nap

    This is a 6lb Brisket flat about to go into my BGE at 10 this morning. My own rub that sat with it overnight. The smell is killing me already.
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    A day late and a trivia question short

    The 14th was my 17th anniversary here at Cigar Pass. For some reason Tod let's me hang around even though I don't serve much of a useful purpose any longer. 17 years is almost as long as my first marriage and that didn't end too well but this odd combination of people from all over the world...
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    South of North Carolina Pulled Pork

    Some of you may know that I make a coastal North Carolina style pulled pork with a coleslaw topping and a hot vinegar sauce. This is just a minor variation of that. I had just finished smoking my pork butt and was making that 1st hot in the pan sandwhich when I discovered that the bottle of...
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    The Hat Guy

    With the White House melting down anybody know how The Hat Guy is doing?
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    Plumbing fun

    Not as much fun as laying pipe or smoking a pipe but.... I had a pinhole leak in the pipe feeding the outside faucet. So I go out get some pipe and propane for my torch and fix that. After having lunch I go down to check to see if there are any leaks and 4 ft away is another pinhole leak that...
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    Need to contact Tone-NY

    If anybody has his phone number or knows his current situation please send it to me.
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    Montecristo Knife Auction

    With approval from Rod. I am auctioning off a brand new set of Montecristo steak knives from 10-12 years ago. Half of the winning bid goes to the USO. I was cleaning out one of my cigar junk drawers when I found these in the back. Going for over $200 a set if and when you can find them here is...
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    Jonathan Winters and the Marines

    Can it get any better?
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    Ross for Boss

    The first real businessman and real billionaire ran for president in '92 and '96. Dead at 89. I voted for him the first time.
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    Doris Day Dies at 97

    An entertainment icon for half a century Day was one of a handful of performers to go from Big Band To records to movies to TV and be successful at all of them. Linky
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    This comes as a surprise, said no one ever

    US Military Is America's Heaviest-Drinking Profession, Survey Finds
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    I need some website geek help.

    Contact me by PM please if you have the time and think you can answer a bunch of questions. I might be a hardware boss but I've never messed with this web stuff to any extent.
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    Marine PSA

    "It is now directed that Marines, present and who have served honorably, who are not in formation or part of an actual ceremony, or marching in a parade or review, who when they hear the playing of the Marines Hymn will stand at attention, face the music and sing the words to the Hymn," the...
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    I was not a fan when I heard this

    but I'm not surprised the Corps made it work or at least said it worked. You can not put people in that shape at that age under that stress without something happening and that something takes away from learning to be a unit at a time when that is what needs to be the prime priority. I don't...
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    Cigar Girl® for 03/18/19

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    You know you did something right (NSFW)

    when you get a phone scammer to say that you are not a nice man. All I asked was if he learned how to suck dick from his father or if he was self taught. I hate it when they spoof a local number and say they are downtown when you ask about it. While my town of 2500 has a "downtown" if your...